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Am I going too fast?

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Week 1 Run/Walk 1&2

I have managed to walk at 6.2KM but struggled a bit to run for the 8X1 mins at 10.5KM.

I have done it, but have no idea how I could do this for 20 mins.

Do I need to slow down?

I did 3.7KM in my 22 mins walk and 8 mins run today

9 Replies

Ditch the speed calculations until you’re running nonstop. As everyone will tell you, you should be able to speak full sentences during your running - if you can’t, you’re going too fast. C25K is all about building up your endurance so that you’re able to run for 30 minutes, not cover any specific distance. Everyone will run at different speeds depending on their level of fitness, body type, ability etc. Follow the program and come the New Year you’ll be running for 30 minutes. Good luck and enjoy the ride.


Well, you couldn't run for 20 minutes NOW, but by the end of week 5 you will be able to! Just follow the programme- you may find that you need to slow down a bit as the runs get longer; its about finding a sustainable pace, the one that enables you to keep going. As K8nno says; don't worry about the stats yet. Good luck :)


Try hard not to focus on speed or distance at all at this stage. Take it slow and take it steady. There is a long way to go yet and you want to enjoy it..:)

Did you check out the FAQ post for Newbies?

That will give you a heck of a lot of information :)

Well done you, for beginning this:)


Well done on the W1 runs so far. Try not to think about the weeks ahead and take each run as it comes or you’ll psych yourself out. Go as slowly as possible, and you’ll be fine. I’ve just finished W5, and have got slower overall as each week as gone by 🐌 😊


Ignore totally speed and distance. If you can talk when you run you are slow enough. At the end of w9 you aim to run 30min nothing more nothing less. But you will be amazed with how far you can ru when you've kept slow and injury free. If nothing else, this course teaches patience it is amazing and has to be trusted good luck and happy running


Great advice from everyone. Dont worry about running for 20 minutes. Focus on your next run and trust in the program.

Speed isnt what this is about, although one of the hardest lessons I've learnt is to slow down not as easy as it seems!


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading and includes advice on should be able to speak aloud clear ungasping sentences as you run........if not you are going too fast.

Enjoy your journey.


Like the other posts above have said this programme is not about speed or distance (despite the misleading title) it's training you to be able to run non-stop for 30 minutes. I was the same as you when I started thinking that 'running has to be quicker than walking' and despite numerous reminders from my friends on here I still wasn't properly taking this on board. A week ago I finally managed to complete W4 R1 and the reason I did that was because I slowed down to a pace that my running was hardly no faster than my walking. See if you can find the Japanese slow Jogging video o You Tube for a better explanation.


Cheers Dave, I have some Marmalade for you?


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