A week on the IC after Graduation Run and I Decided A New Approach Was In Order!

Oh, how many times have I read the advice: slow and steady here? How many times have I nodded internally? And then gone off so fast (for me, obvs) that I ended the 30 mins desperate to stop. Not to mention actually hurting the knee on the Grad run, but let's not go back there.

So, knee felt fine. Came home and realised I had committed to running tonight and we don't easily break promises made here, or we might be called out. All hail the power of the C25k forum.

Thought about it and decided I really would do slow and steady. Ditched my lovely bop along playlist. Am not sure that starting with The Boss singing Badlands is the best thing. There's something about it, especially that piston type phwoarrrr noise in the first few bars that sets me off like a little greyhound out of its trap. So put on Adele. It also helped that I couldn't so easily predict where I was in the run. Just dug in. And. I did 5K for the first time! ๐Ÿ’ช


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  • Haha! Great post. It made me laugh ๐Ÿ˜„Well done on the 5K. Now keep running slowly. Even slower.

  • Yes, I really, really will. Promise!

  • Well done it's easy to fall into the trap of running too fast x

  • Yes. How dumb can you be in not listening to the advice here? But I have learned my lesson!

  • Oh, well done ๐Ÿ˜€ That is a great result x

    We're all still learning what the advice actually means but the best thing is WE ARE LEARNING!

  • Yes, we absolutely are. And that is the pleasure and the pain! Thanks!

  • Congrats on achieving that 5k. I bet it feels really good.

  • I am quietly smiling all the time!

  • Well done! Just gotta find these things out for yourself...

  • Very true!

  • Well done! I was really intimidated on a recent parkruns. By a bunch of newbie first times who raced ahead for the first circuit. OMG I thought, some of them are older than me (I've, late 50's!). But eventually my snail pace caught them up and in fact several didn't even finish. I felt like a real runner going past and shouting encouragement!

    I ran faster in week 1 than I do now and recently joined a local group just starting on the programme - I was puffed after 3 lots of 1 minute! It really is true that, like the rest of life, quality is better than quantity!

  • Yes. The story of the tortoise and the hare is true in so many aspects of life. I like the idea of you shouting encouragement at them!

  • Gotta love a LSR! Those are my favourites! I'll never be fast but I can plod along for ages....let us know where it takes you... xxx

  • Will do. Am being dim, probs but is LSR long slow run? OK, think have answered own question!

  • Reading through some posts I missed - nice to know there's so many Springsteen fans on here! (well, 2 others anyway...) love Badlands.

  • Sure there are more really. How not?! Take care.

  • Indeed!

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