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I'm a Runner!!

Laura's comment at the end of Week 6, Day 3 made me smile "you're officially a runner". I attempted the 25min run a couple of days ago and failed miserably. I wasn't feeling great and as soon as the road got muddy and I started slipping I used it as an excuse to give up.

However, I tried again this morning and did it! Whoop whoop! I feel so proud of myself. I used a tip that I'd read on here that when your legs start to hurt concentrate on the movements your arms are making and the leg pain seems to disappear and they feel stronger. Thanks to whoever shared that tip.

Onwards to Week 7 now :)

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Hey Bex,well done and enjoy that feeling...quite a buzz,isn't it?

Good luck with W7...Runner :)


Hey Bex77 well done! When I got home after that particular run I replayed the part Laura says you are "officially a runner" to my husband. This is a great achievement when we look back at where we came from. The feeling of pride in oneself is immense!

I'm on week 7 run 3 tomorrow...

Best wishes


WELL DONE Bex! Enjoy that feeling as much as you can - you've done really well getting so far and Good Luck for the rest of the runs!


I was like you I think that was really the best run for me, it was then it hit home to me that I was more than capable of completing the whole 9 weeks, no sweat!!!! :) Well done and keep up the good work.


Congratulations and well done. This is the run I feared most but it's such a great feeling when you nail it.


Thank you everyone - still buzzing and want to do it again tomorrow!


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