Hi, still around

Just a quick note to say hi, I am still around but work is crazy and no time even to keep up here. Should get easier in a couple of weeks. Did my first parkrun last week, but had a muscle problem so walked / hobbled round in 47 minutes! Still delighted that I did it. Will get back on here when I can, miss you all and your wonderful stories. Lily

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  • That's great lily! Not the muscle problem, but well done on the run! Keep at it!

    My wife slinkylinky has done 2 Parkruns now, but is currently dogged by chest infection which makes her cough when she starts running, but managed 42mins. Docs given her antibiotics & inhaler to hit it with..๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Big hug for lovely wife.. well done her anyway! :)

  • Hi there.. well done you on the park run..I have not even tried one yet! :)

  • glad you are still around!

  • Good to hear from you lily.

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