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Week 7 run 1 done

Went out after a long weekend working and thought you can do this...

You did it Saturday and it's the same again, so off I went, I still struggle with the first few minutes then I get into it.

My breathing is getting better , but after 20 minutes I get slight ache in my calf.

What should I be doing to avoid injury ?

Won't run tomorrow and will put ibrufen gel on calf later , I really want to complete this and have signed to do a half marathon with a colleague

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You say slight ache. Could it be your shoes? Or maybe just muscles not quite built up enough yet? Lots of people on this site do the strength and flex exercises. Well done getting that run done. You seem to be doing well despite the aches.

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I'm wearing running shoes I think, I just bought a pair of ASICS and they looked at "gait"

I just downloaded the stretch and flex , I try to stretch afterwards and have bought a roller but not used it yet.

I had slight ache in left calf today it was right calf , not sure if I'm landing right.... Do you land on your rear of foot or on your front of your foot???

It could be muscles as it eases pretty quickly, dddd4 I'm trying so hard to do this, at the moment it helps clear head and that's what I need as life tough with personal stuff right now... Throwing myself into this and trying to prove I can achieve something


I try to land in the middle of my foot not on my heel. I think if you had your gait ooked at they will have said if you were landing strangely?


Well done heledw; you're smashing these runs X

You should land middle of foot; there's a guide on here reference technique; hopefully this link will work:

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