First Park Run:Done :)

First Park Run:Done :)

Well peeps I got up and dressed early this Saturday - I'm usually in my pjs until around 11am after a nice lie-in, a relaxed breakfast and a good read of the weekend papers....but this weekend was different - I was corralled into the running gear to do my first ever Park Run! I did it with one friend who's a Park Run vet (115 I think!) and a friend who was also doing it for the first time. There were a few 'hills' involved, ok, ok, slopes...and a couple of wooden bridges to cross - but cross them we did - and the finish line in a respectable 33 minutes! So I'll take that and add it to the bag of goodies I'm collecting - oh, and here's a piccy of me in the surprise present of a 'Bring On New York' T-shirt from my lovely's getting closer and closer - eeeks!


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17 Replies

  • Briliiant- and a fast time, too. Great pic, and great t-shirt.

    Your daughter's in for such an amazing surprise. :)

  • Hey thanks 9Oldfinch - isn't time weird...some bits of it seemed I was running fast then other bits almost like I was going backwards (and I confess - I did get over taken on lap one by a dude pushing a 3 wheeled double baby buggy!!! Mind you I got him back and overtook him on the 2nd lap heehee!) :)

  • Yeay, whoop whoop.. you are looking sooooo good. Wow. great run and great time!!!

  • Thanks Oldfloss - the T-shirt present helped haha - mind you - I most certainly didn't look like that at the end.....I feel I should post that picture and confess I was a sweaty-winded mess at that point! ;)

  • Well done, great time. You're doing so well keeping it from your daughter. That must be so hard when it's probably all you want to talk about.

  • Thanks Shireenjoon - and you're right - I really want to talk to her about it, to talk 'shop' and compare notes haha - sooooo hard keeping this a secret!

  • Great photo and great time too !

    You are doing brilliantly, you'll be leaving your daughter for dust at this rate :-D

    Well done xxx

  • Haha, thanks poppypug - I'm pleased with that for a first time...and I'll live with that happily for a while and build up on my stamina so I might eventually manage the 8K.....oh, they'll be no leaving my daughter for dust...she's just completed the London Marathon - and that my friends is NOT on my list of must-dos! :) xx

  • Ha ha , you say that now , who knows in a year or so ? :-) xxx

  • And don't you look great! Well done!

  • Heehee thanks Ullyrunner....I did chose the best should have seen me at the end.....sweaty mess haha :)

  • So enjoy reading your posts and looking forward to the posts about the New York run .Dont know how you manage to keep it a secret. It must be so hard.

  • Oh dddd4 that's so kind - and I have no idea how I haven't spilled the beans so far - I'm totally rubbish with secrets (luckily I never had an urge to join MI5) - I'm really trying to keep it zipped for the next couple of months so I can pull the biggest surprise on 20th August - and maybe even video her reaction too - I'll come back and show you all too :) How are you getting on with the challenge? :) x

  • Doing well and on week 7 now. Just keeping listening to Laura and running slowly! Good luck!

  • dddd4 - and before you know it you'll be at week 9 run 1 !!! Catch you soon x

  • Well done! Great time.

  • Thank you :)

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