OMG (as my kids would say)

Just came back to read replies to a question I posted and there it was ... I have graduate next to my name. So, I jumped up and did a little happy dance then stood on one of those tiny toys from a kinder egg. I now have a bruise forming on the sole of my foot😕. Still feel great though, daft but great. Thanks to you all for the support though the weeks.

6 Replies

  • Shut the front door, well done :)

  • Well done. Just as bad as standing on Lego ouch

  • or a pine needle.. eeek!

  • Typical graduate behaviour!

  • Perfectly normal I'd say too :)

  • Tee hee.. sorry, the Kinder egg bit made me giggle!

    Well done Graduate!!!!New adventures beckon!

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