OMG - My Motivation has Returned!

Yeehhhh, W5R1 accomplished at 6.30am this morning! It was actually do-able although I don't know if I will be saying the same about R2 and the evitable R3!! Just one question though, when I started the programme I decided that longevity was the name of the game so although I am running, well, more slow jogging, but running all the same, I am only covering less than 2k. Should I be trying to step out of my comfort zone and speed up although if I do that there is a danger that I won't be able to breath, will adopt the attitude that I can't do it and pack it in altogether, or do I adopt the tortoise and the hare approach and get there ....... eventually? Does that all make sense?


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13 Replies

  • Nope. Slow jog is fantastic and will get you to Run 3, Week 9 in safety, which is the name of the game. It's all about finishing. Laura told you some weeks back about "slow jogging". Remember? She said that advisedly

    The tortoise and the hare might be a fable but it's sound and works in practice. Nothing wrong with being slow if it means that you get the job done in one piece.

    The distance for you at this point is irrelevant. Forget it. All you have to do is finish the session. Hold that thought and get it done.

    Good luck

  • Excellent, thank you. Thought it best to get to the eventual goal, ok, I may not be as fast as others on W5 but I know that if I repeatedly can't get to the goal then i'll end up getting really downbeat about it all so am happy to gain extra in terms of time as opposed to distance. Thanks again x

  • Do what is comfortable for you and only make very gradual increases to distance or speed because you could end up crocked - which will set you back weeks, and that would be a shame. We are all different and will progress at very different rates. Try not to compare yourself with others and enjoy your own achievements with pride! You are on week 5 now. Think back to week 1 and how much more you are doing now!

    (Run 5/3 is hard - but very doable so no need to be apprehensive about it!) Do not bother about being slow - you are out there and off the couch - THAT IS FANTASTIC!

  • Slow, slow, slow. You need to build up your confidence and your running muscles.

  • Yup - another vote for slow. I still don't run for 5K and I've done all 9 weeks - I just about cover the 5K with my 10 minutes of walking, and most days I'm half a kilometre away! Definitely about how long you run for not how far at this stage.

  • Ha ha, had to laugh at your being excited for me to do R3. Excited is definitely a word, but most definitely not the one that I would use to describe my feelings towards it! So glad I posted about my initial fears for W5 as I'm sure I would have continued putting it off. Also, extremely glad that I posted about the speed that I am running (!!) at. When I'm actually doing it my breathing is controlled and my legs aren't at all heavy, my knees are good and I'm actually ok, it's just in my head that the little creature resides telling me "OMG - no way hosay - you're having a laugh - shut the front door - you ain't never gunna run for that long!!" I'm gunna keep on going. Thank you KittyKat, you always say the right words x

  • Hi Lorraine - I had been looking out for your post after your positive attitude and preparation to go out. I hope you had a nice evening and well done for getting out for run 5:1 today - never doubted you could do it - you are right to be pleased. Sound advice above - don't try to go too fast - plenty of time for that. And......... after my post to you yesterday I had to take my own advice today so in a way you motivated me to go out earlier. I thought if Lorraine is all geared up to go then what's stopping me?? A huge well done from me - keep posting and I am so glad your motivation is back.

  • Thank you mossy1 - you are all so lovely on here - so glad I'm part of it x

  • Fantastic, well done you! We all said that you could do it.

    Never worry about your pace or the distance that you cover... that can come much later. For now, the important part is that you keep running slowly when Laura tells you to run.

  • Hi. I just did this run last night and really struggled. I think I need to slow it right down. I couldn't breathe. Was awful. I hate that feeling. You've inspired me for my next one! I can do it if I go slow! Can't i???!!!!!

  • Slow and steady... slow and steady.... it's something you'll learn to love later too... when you want to up your distances you need to learn to keep it slow so you can keep going...

    We're all in a hurry to finish, but guess what? With C25K you finish after a certain time, NOT a distance... so, hey, may as well enjoy it a bit by going a bit slower... :)

  • I am actually looking forward to tomorrow morning - never thought I would be saying that!!! Thank you everybody - slow and steady it will be x

  • It will be fine. You've done the hardest thing - starting! Congratulations. Hear, hear to all the other replies. Take it slow. Speed really doesn't matter. Only keeping going matters. Three times a week for ever and ever....

    I was quite disappointed the first time I used "Map my Run" after I'd graduated to find that my thirty minutes only got me 3.6 km. I was sure I was doing 4.5.

    Three weeks later I did do 5k, but it took me 45 mins. This week I did it in 42 - without really trying to go faster - just concentrating on getting there. Most days I still only do 30 minutes, because I can't afford more time. I really don't care very much. I'm just delighted I CAN now run for 45 minutes. Back in April those 8 sixty-second "runs" nearly killed me!

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