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Omg !!!!! 20 mins !!!!!

Well I've done it, wk5r3, 20 mins of jogging with no walking ! I really can't believe I did it, but so happy I did ! Thing is though, my breathing felt fine but my legs just didn't enjoy it at all and they felt so weak during the last 2 mins ! Are my legs just not strong enough for this ? Should I be doing something to build them up ? I hadnt done any jogging/running since leaving school and at 18 stone I am worried my legs need to be stronger ! Any advise greatfully recived :-)

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Well done Gwencole!

I've just done my W5r3 too! and my legs felt like they weren't enjoying it too.

Here's what I figure from years of cycling - that there always comes a point where your legs don't feel like doing it. Even though you KNOW you can do the distance, you just have to focus on pushing each peddle stroke. I'll never forget the first time I hit 'the wall' on a cycle - on a busy A road in wet conditions. Not the best place!! Wk6R1:

5 min brisk walk

5 min run

3 min walk

8 min run

3 minutes walking

5 min running

If anything, that seems easier??

ALso, another tip from cycling - how my legs feel at any point on a ride depends on a mixture of nutrition, general tiredness, route, pace... for example, I once managed my 6 mile commute in about 25 minutes, but I was feeling superfit and keen that day; on another day it could take upward of 40 minutes with my legs feeling terrible from early on...


Well done to you !!!! I agree wk6r1 does look easier, and it's good to know I'm not the only one that legs are finding it hard, I thought it might be my weight causing the problem, I guess it may be just as you've said and will just have to hope that my legs catch up soon !!!! :-D



I might actually do today's run again sometime soon, and see if I can get a slightly better time for it - I want to increase my pace slightly. I feel like at the moment I'm doing just more than a light jog...


Lol, mine is more of a very light jog !!!! In fact I'm sure power walking is quicker !! But Laura keeps saying "it's not about speed, but finishing is important" and if I went faster I wouldn't finish it ;-) will work on speed later !! How far do you go in the 20mins hectorshouse ??


Yeah! I feel the same about my jog! even with my brisk walk this morning I found it difficult to catch-up with someone! According to Mapmyrun my distance was 3.19km!! (on the summary page it rounds it up to 3.2, which is nice!). I actually couldn't believe it when I mapped it on mapmyrun and saw the total figure!! This time last week I was wanting to do a 3km before the week was up, tried and failed drastically. (I then found this program and jumped in where I felt I was - week 5). And today I was up on that goal! next distance goal is 4km, which I'm hoping to do for W6R3.

True, it's not about speed, just finishing. I just want to see if I can go a little bit faster. even shave 1 min off would be nice... What was your distance today?


I really don't know what my distance was as I don't track it, I have tried to track it using runkeeper but couldn't get it to work !! I would like to know cause, like you then I could set a distance goal ! Will have a look at the one you use ;-)


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