Week 3 run 6 done..... I did it ....yippee Laura says I'm a runner ...you ain't beat me yet my dear ex 🤑

Omg got up at 5.40 am, out by 6.05 and just thought come on , you can do this.... Initially thinking your on a 14 hour shift do it tomorrow afternoon..... Well I did it, went a different route and that was better .... Different scenes , run along a river path and thought at 12 and a half minutes ..your half way just carry on, breathing better when she said I was on last 60 minutes I upped my pace and I'm so pleased I did it... Calf slightly sore but will rub ibrufen gel on it and try to stretch it out whilst walking on wards all day today.... But I did the 25 minutes I'm over the moon . Thank you all so much

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  • I've just done the same run its an amazing feeling isn't it. We are amazing 😀😇🎉🎆🎊

  • Well done heledw!!

    It's an amazing feeling that one.

    All running from now on, no more walk breaks X

  • You are amazing! Well done!

  • Pheww.. had to check.. that is Week 6 Run 3 isn't it?I had to check your other posts!

    Blimey, I though it if this is week 3, think where you'd be by Week 9! :)

    Very, very well done.. up, out there and going brilliantly!!!!!!

    You are awesome... and before work too! Wow!

  • Well done - you are indeed a runner!

  • Whoop whoop...congrats 😃....me too today...I was in tears when Laura said I'm now a real runner!

  • I'm so impressed that a) you completed this run

    b) you got up at 540

    c) you were out the door in 25 minutes 😊 (I'm a faffer from hell)

    A big well done on all counts Helen. If you can run for 25 minutes then you can definitely run for 30.

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