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Another 5K

Hi all:

Unfortunately, my heart rate chest monitor seemed to be telling big fat lies, or rather, skinny, lithe lies :-) as the 'time in zones' is that of a seriously fit person (i.e. not me).

This is the second time the HRM has done that, I wonder if I am experiencing 'cadence lock' - google here I come I guess.

Anyway, Bradgate Park was as lovely as ever and the deer their usual elegantly skittish selves.

The best part is that I get to eat some peanut butter on toast guilt-free, because, you know, us runners need to have some post-run protein :-).

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Ooh, ooh, ooh - I just got a '100 mile' badge from the excellent smash run:

Wow, to think my first c25k run was 9th of Feb this year - quite chuffed with that :-).


Or, maybe, all this running has made you fitter than you thought? (after all, you must be pretty fit to lug 20 stone around 5k...)


I wish, but no, a quick 'pulse count' showed the truth. But bless you for saying that :-).

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You're building a solid base and that will reap huge benefits further down the road (oops I didn't mean to make a pun there 😏). Congrats on the 100 mile badge. That's a lot of miles to run.


Those heart rate numbers look very sensible to me. - encouraging signs! Interesting to see if the next run gives you similar data. Nice work ... COLIN :-)




So.. to clarify, for this mere mortal.. are you fitter than you think, less fit than you think, as fit as you were, or don't you know ?:)

Cadence lock sounds that the Garmin..or you ?: )

Your run sounds wonderful..hope the snack was too.. ( peanut butter.. yuksters! ) :)


not another peanut butter hater! It's amazing stuff!


I wondered that too Oldfloss :-)

Well done Yatesy on your 100 mile badge , excellent stuff !

Ive got to take my hat off to you, you keep slogging away with these 5ks , it will all pay off in the end , its all miles on the legs ( 100 miles to be exact ) ! :-) xxx


well done on your 100 miles! Definitely earned the celebratory peanut butter on toast!


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