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5K and another PB


Dragged my sleepy backside out for second run of the week and it was quite a bit cooler in the village started 5 minute warm up and did Monday's route in reverse but changed it slightly as had a few signal dropouts on the Garmin made a Muntjac jump as I saw its white backside disappear up the footpath tried to keep the pace fairly even along the road turned up the incline which I can now do in one go slowly but getting quicker each time back down the Endway and into the main part of the village nearly home quick check of watch could I get this run under 40 minutes sped up round the corner and yes I could time 39 minutes 38 seconds a psychological victory as I thought I had got stuck on 40 minutes. one more 5 km on Thursday and then a how far can I go run on Saturday.

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That sounds a terrific run, a great time well done!

MichaelH070862Graduate in reply to Millsie-J

It was nice this morning but it is always quiet in the village first thing going to keep chipping away at the time and should get it down to what I was doing when I graduated last August be nice if I could do a year to the day but I have no illusions with that.

Sounds like an awesome running location. Those of us in countryside and/or villages really dip in. Congrats on the PB!! Looking fwd to joining you in the sub-40 5k one day! 👍😃

MichaelH070862Graduate in reply to Sarahwee

Could not agree more I live near Haverhill but on the Essex side of county border

Chipping away and getting the miles in reaps rewards. Well done to you.

MichaelH070862Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

Thanks it all helps and might start knocking down the 10K time in due course.

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to MichaelH070862

Yes it will 🙂


Huge well done.. a great run and a deer too... :) Slow and steady x

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