W4R1 defeated me .... I need help

Sorry this is long winded ..... So this run didn't go well at all ... The first run (3mins) made me tired as I started, got into 5mins run and the music turned down for her to speak and I thought OK that wanst bad its over that was tiring but not bad, but no!!! She said half way through 2.5 mins remaining .... Excuse me what we've been going longer than 3 mins surely!!!! So I kept going and she said 4 mins gone 1 to go so by this point I was gasping and I done about 10 more steps and couldn't continue I had to walk :-( got to the second 3 run and that was tiring too but done it then realised I had only 90 secs to recover which didn't help then the last 5 min run came and I got to about 2mins and could not continue and walked the rest of the way. Is there a couch to 5k for asthma sufferers or something cos that run made me suffer so much I know its ment to be hard but I didnt expect this any one got any advice ?


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  • My advice would be to repeat the run in a couple of days time but run slower than you did today.

  • I thought I was running slowly but I will try slower next time

  • Yep try a little slower and it should feel differently.

    It doesn't really matter if you run a little faster than walking pace as long as it's a running action.

    In these early weeks it's more about running constantly to build stamina rather than speed or distance.

  • **** is there anything I can do in my rest days to improve on this ?

  • Lots of things you can do on your rest days. Rignold is the expert on such matters, but isn't about much at the moment.

    I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will be along shortly though.

    Any excercise you do on rest days will benefit you. Cycling, rowing, swimming, core strengthening excercises, planks, push ups. There really is such a lot to have a go at.

    I try to use an indoor rowing machine on days I don't run, except Sunday.

    I plank a fair bit too ๐Ÿ˜€

  • There's two days a week I can't do stuff due to me being busy but I think swimming and planking will help thanks :-)

  • I have a friend who has exercise induced asthma and runs, have you had a formal diagnosis - if so talk to your asthma nurse.

  • Yeah I got diagnosed about 2 years ago and I talked to the asthma nurse when I started this program and she said I was fine to continue

  • Oh no, sorry it was tough! Could it have perhaps been gremlins or do you think it was the asthma that stopped you? I do agree with B0bP, next time you run it perhaps you could start slow and then consciously slow down even more than your slow pace! I remember on this run I wanted to stop at the same point but literally slowed down to a shuffle to get through it. Your body will know what to expect next time and you've built up a bit more again today.

    I've not done them but I've heard the NHS strength and flex podcast is good for rest days!

  • Gremlins ? It was before midnight ha ha :-) but it was more of my body just could not run anymore it had to walk again I'm guessing this was "the wall" I mean pretty much every time I run my asthma disagrees with it and wishes I was just been lazy but I just got to a point of nope can't continue running cos the three minute ones still hurt last week .... Do you think I could do a week 3.5 to help with this where I do 3 min runs but with the 90 second recovery walk or would that just be a waste of time and ill try any form of exersice on rest days that will help cos right now I don't really do much on rest days so I think that needs to be changed

  • Gremlins are the little voices in your ear who tell you "you're tired" "you should stop" "your legs hurt" "you can't do this" etc etc. Quite often when running your body can continue but it's the gremlins in your head or on your shoulder that make you stop. Not saying that was what happened on this run but you will meet them at some point along the way! I use some of the good advice on the forum to beat mine when they appear which seems to work well - search previous posts for tips on how to get them to bugger off!

  • Ah ha he that makes sense I think it was my body just disagreeing with my head cos I wanted to keep going ... I will try again tomorrow and keep going until I smash it :-)

  • My friend an I have just finished week 4 but finding it very tough so we have decided to redo it. It's not a race to finish and we are still getting fit. Keep at it xx

  • Yeah I'll be redoing this week for sure cos I haven't even looked at week 5 yet so god knows what that's gonna be like

  • * good luck for the rest of the weeks :-)

  • I found week 4 a tough week. I can only really repeat what others have said that is go slower, really slow and when it gets tough go even slower. It may feel like slower than walking but you will be in a running stance if that makes sense to you. Don't worry about repeating runs so you feel you have really achieved them. This will really build you up for the next week.

  • Yeah I know what you mean I sometimes think I can probably walk faster than this but I'm guessing when running (even at snails pace) you use your muscles differently? And yeah I feel like I'm gonna repeat this week just for confidence before I move onto the next week .... I've came to the conclusion I may not be running the full 5k when I come to the race (end of July) but there's no harm in walking some of it

  • The air quality at the moment is not good...so,that may have contributed to yr plight.

    Rest day..them..really really slow and steady..stay calm..and go at yr slowest pace.Yoga,breathing exercises can help too.๐Ÿ˜Š

  • There's no harm in repeating a week, or even going back a week if that's what it takes! This is not a race, nobody says you have to finish in 9 weeks. You're doing this for life now, for yourself and your fitness. If you're out of breath you're probably going too fast. If you can't manage 5 minutes just do 3 and build up to it. Good luck! And you're brilliant for doing the programme and getting this far!

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