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Newbie to running (sort of)

Well I've taken on a bit of a challenge to do a 10k for charity I doubt I'd be able to run the whole way but I reckon I can walk / run it at least.

Not completely a couch potato as I play squash once a week, (hence not a stranger to short sprints round the court). However not so great at distance running never appealed to me at school and secondary PE hardly taught you how to improve or teach you techniques.

So far been walking at a brisk pace 5km in a time of around 40 - 45 mins. Just need to get out there and put some jogging km in the legs and found this C25K through internet search which looks like a sensible, steady and progressive plan.

So here goes, wish me luck

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Welcome to this great running family. :)

It's so great on support. folk,advise, encourage, tease, sympathise and give the odd push in the right direction where necessary!

It is a sensible, carefully structured and progressive programme... follow it and you will be fine. Take it, slow and take it steady..( You will get that advice a is sound advice!

The programme should carry a warning though.... whether you loathed running or the idea of it, as a youngster, you will get addicted. And it is absolutely marvellous!! Check out the posts!!!

We will be looking forward to your first post :)


That is very good, sounds as if you are almost on the brink of running. Finding a comfortable lace is important and at first that might be only a little faster than walking - although your 5k walking time is some people's run time! Let us know how it goes

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Welcome aboard !

Good Luck with the programme, you can do this .

Please let us know if youre not sure of anything, we are all happy to help and support you .

Keep posting of your progress as it really helps in keeping you focused and motivated.

When are you starting ? :-) xxx

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Good luck :)


Welcome to the club Tanethra. You've made a great decision!!

When's your first wk1 Run1?


Thanks for all your messages of support. I'm hoping to start this Tuesday my jogging technique isn't great and must make sure I don't land on my heals as this does jar my back and is an indication of striding too far. Just got to put aside my self consciousness and get out there.


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