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Yay - managed to get out for my second run tonight (in the rain!). My hubby decided he'd join me, so it was nice to have company, but I'm a bit worried about him going at 'my speed' (he wants to skip one of the week 1 runs so he doesn't slow me down). He's 53, doesn't exercise, couple stone overweight & has a heart condition. I don't want to hold myself back, but his health is my main priority. Has anyone else done C25K wigh heart problems, & if so, did you need to go at a slower pace by redoing any of the week runs? Thanks in advance☺


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7 Replies

  • I would suggest he talks to his doctor before carrying on.

  • Hi - that would be my preferred option, but theres at least 2-week wait to see a doctor at our surgery, & even then its only staffed by locoms so no regular doctor who knows his history. He would probably also object to missing out on 2-weeks of runs & falling further behind me. Its kinda annoying because I've been talking obout starting C25K the last few weeks, & he never mentioned wanting to go with me - spur of the moment decision on his part,but i know if I dont keep my momentum going I'll probably quit.

  • I agree with plop ; he needs to get the go-ahead from those who know.

    I feel it would be unwise for him to go ahead with this otherwise ?

    If he has a medical history what does that involve, is he able to walk and begin to exercise gently in that way. The weight loss forum is useful too and there are a lot of folk on both this forum and that one, I am sure you will get advice from both sides. It would seem unlikely and maybe unwise, that he is going to ( or should) be doing this alongside you.

    Maybe, you should carry on, he sorts out starting a gentle walk and weight loss regime, and then when you have Graduated... :) you do what my lovely friend on here, davelinks did, he did it again when his wife began to do it... ! He did it with her and supported her. It worked well and I am sure he would give you advice!

    Well done on your run anyway!

  • That sounds like a great suggestion to complete my 9 weeks then support him better - it did make my second run harder when i felt i had to keep checking he was ok & making sure he didnt need to sit down & catch his breath. I'll have a chat with the hubby later (he's currently at some poker finals) & see what he says. Thanks for taking the time to reply

  • Sounds like a plan.... keep posting :)

  • I'd suggest a chat and check up with his Dr before going any further. That way you'll know that it is fine to go at your own pace and that he'll be fine too.

  • Thank you everyone. I think its safe to say we're all in agreement over checking with a GP so I'll make the suggestion to him & book him an appointment (if i leave it to him it'll never happen). Thanks again

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