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Hi I'm a very very new runner. I'm 57 and haven't run since my earlier 30s and that was on a treadmill! I've taken on the couch to 5k challenge as I'm overweight and need to get my blood pressure down. I've been out for the third time today but boy do I need help. My feet hurt every time I stand up, I've pulled the muscles on my inner thigh and to cap it all I tripped today and took the skin off my hands! I completed the session anyway which for me is quite an achievement but am I overdoing it, are my shoes wrong? Do I need to rest till my pulled muscles recover or do I just soldier on? Or is this just normal!?



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  • Hello oldpossum and first of all well done on getting started. I can promise you that if you stick at it, it will be life changing. I was 58 when I started and now happily run. I lost 8k or do of weight without really trying and also reduced blood pressure. I did struggle quite a lot with one of my adductor muscles when I started, and eventually gave in to having some properly fitted shoes, and taking a lot of care over post-run stretching. Hope you recover soon - I would wait until your muscle seems recovered before running again. Good luck.

  • Shoes might need to be laced looser. And don't run if you've pulled something. Take it slow and if you have to repeat the week that's fine you're doing great.

  • welcome and well done for starting. Re feet I laced my shoes to tight on one foot early doors and was in tea pain I rested for a week or two and then carried on with rest of programme. Take a rest and then get back onto the programme when you no longer hurt. Re falling perhaps you may be running to fast

  • Brilliant for getting out there. Take a rest though and maybe slow down a bit when you go out next. Are your running shoes too tight?!

    I started running beginning of this year and I'm 58. Love it! Amazing things have happened to my body and mind - weight loss, stamina and more confidence. Good luck, you'll get there too!

  • I certainly don't feel like I'm running fast๐Ÿ˜€ I may be trying to though as I feel very embarrassed when I run. I have a 2 day rest planned now anyway so will take as long as I need for the muscles to settle and take more care with my laces. I am determined to do this which is why I was so gutted yesterday. I've always loved the idea of running but been convinced I can't run because of the way sports were managed in school oh so many years ago. I read a post somewhere else in this forum saying pretty much the same thing and about needing to learn to run so that's my plan too. I don't want to win medals just experience the freedom of running.

  • You are certainly motivated and you don't want to lose that. Rest up, take your time, check your footwear and you'll be making progress through the weeks and feeling better. It isn't easy but you need to take the right steps to put you in the best position to get the most from the programme. ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Blimey you poor thing that's a lot of disasters! So have you had proper gait analysis for your shoes?? Well done for starting too ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Sorry to hear you are struggling when you've taken such a positive step. I would urge you not to give up. Take the advice offered above regarding lacing your shoes, buying some new shoes if you can, get advice from a shop on the best ones for you, take a rest just now until you are better and then consider repeating the week and run really slowly when you do re-start. It is such a great thing to do and no-one ever regrets completing the programme however long it takes. On the forum you will see that it often takes longer than the 9 weeks as many experience a set back somewhere. You will benefit dramatically in so many ways, someone put a post up recently about how for them they felt it had reversed the ageing process with so many everyday activities feeling easier. We really look forward to hearing about your progress, use this site a lot, it really helps .

  • Thanks for all your lovely comments. I have another question I downloaded an app as advertised on radio 2 but between instructions it is silent some of you sound like there is a better one which plays music while you run. Is there a better app or will I get music in later weeks?

  • I used the NHS Couch to 5K podcasts rather than the app, as they include music:

  • Thanks will check it out. Running in silence is a bit soul destroying even for just 60 seconds !

  • Great decision to get started - it made a big change to my life and well being and I was the same age as you.

    Things to think about

    For your feet - good running socks and shoes. You need support in the right places for your running style - any good sports shop can help analyse your 'gait' and fit you with proper shoes - they should be at least half a size bigger than your normal shoes so they don't get constricting when your feet swell.

    Stiffness - you need a good stretching regime after each run - it does help with muscle stiffness and aches and pains. There are exercises in a pinned post on this site. Some sort of different activity to build your strength is good on your rest days.

    Above all, take it very slow. Slow is good in this programme. Make sure you take your rest days - and it doesn't matter if you need an extra rest day sometimes.

    You can do this! Good luck

  • There are different ways to lace your shoes according to what you are experiencing in the foot department. I'm unable to post a link at the moment but if you can, google it and you will see there's a lot to go at. My husband was having trouble with his shoes and relaced slightly and has been fine since.

    Good luck with the programme, it really is brilliant - just trust it, go slow and then slower still when you start. Also rest up if the pain is causing you to stop maybe some icing for the troublesome muscle.

  • Good morning, just started today. I also hurt quite a lot - not seriously like I have pulled something but like I am about 10 years older than I thought I was. However the upside is I did the first podcast and my spirits are much lifted because I am doing something about the problems (weight/fitness). On the NHS Couch to 5K podcast, it does say not to overdo it so I must admit my run sessions were not much better than a shuffle but breathing ok as the lady on the podcast suggested. The lady on the podcast has got me from not running at all to doing 8 minutes total of running in the first session (tutored in run/walk intervals throughout). When you are feeling better, give it a go.

  • might do that

  • good on you, it's a great feeling

  • Have been for a gentle walk with my dogs this morning and muscles much better than yesterday phew! Wish I could say the same for my poor hands though ๐Ÿ˜ž Definitely like the podcast better than the app so will use that instead when I feel recovered enough.

  • Hello and welcome โ˜บ you have got off to pretty Mixed start there but the important thing is you did it๐Ÿ˜Š

    Everyone has pretty much covered the basics, certainly age should not prevent you from completing the program, I was 57 when I graduated โ˜บ

    The program is for all who want to do something very positive and improve their health and fitness โ˜บ

    Rest up let the strain heal and recover fully before running again.

  • thanks for the advice

  • I started running after a small stroke, aged 59. I suffered with hip pain at week 7 and took about 4 months off to recover. I got back into it quicker than I thought and I find that yoga for runners { YouTube} helps a lot after a run.

  • Hubby has coaxed me to a sports shop today for gait testing - nowhere near as scary as I thought. So glad I went though the new shoes feel so much more supportive for my feet and it turns out I really do need to learn to run as I step down toe first instead of heel - no wonder I like high heels!! Anyway all set to go again as soon as I feel recovered but am going to repeat week 1 and definitely intend to be a snail And not even thin about the hares! I intend my next post to be telling everyone how brilliant my new shoes are and thanks for all the advice and support.

  • Listen to the great advice from the folks here..all I will add is, as you will always hear.. slow and steady, at your own pace! :)

    Welcome to one of the best things ever! :)

  • Hi I'm also new to this, and I couldn't manage 3 runs In a day. Maybe to much to soon. I also have shin splints, and now a swollen ankle. I will not give up, and each run completed is so exhilarating, plus gives me a massive energy boost.

    I am not an expert at this,but if you are overdoing it you may end up having to stop due to injury. I go running every other day, and I weight train the other days . Good luck

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