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Thoroughly pi**ed off

WK2 began this morning on my second time around on this programme.

All went well until the last run interval when I felt my left calf muscle go. I was forced to limp home. Even walking was difficult as my right calf was twinging too. I've lost count of the number of times I've pulled one or other of my calf muscles.

Just when I feel I'm getting somewhere it happens again. I'm thoroughly pissed off with it and contemplating giving up and reverting to being a couch potato :-( :-( :-(

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Oh dear. Don't give up :-( Are you perhaps pushing yourself too hard (too fast?) during the runs? Are your trainers suitable? That is, have you had a gait analysis?

I'm a huge fan of Pilates as it helps strengthen all the muscles you use when running.


Hi tanyag, yes, I've had my gait analysed and I wear Mizuno Wave Riders.

I'm at the end of my tether with it!


It may be worth seeing a physio. There may be an underlying reason why you get the same injury repeatedly. For example in my case, I know that due to poor posture, my hips and calves often are very tight. Pilates helps me reverse the effects of that and strengthen those muscles to help with my running. A physio may be able to give you specific exercises to help you prevent future injuries.

Hope a solution can be found.


I've just emailed a local sports physio practice and got the ball rolling. Thanks for your support tanyag x


Really feel for you it's so frustrating ! I know it's hard , but be patient , try to get physio sorted & do some stretches from web there's plenty out there . Don't give up , rest & ice as well . Here's wishing you a speedy recovery take care .


Thanks Rockette. I've emailed a sports massage therapist who lives in the next village as a start. I do leg specific stretches every day and have been working on leg strengthening, which is what is so frustrating. I never seem to be injury free long enough to properly build up my fitness.


Can't recommend going to see a physio highly enough. You need to get to the root of the problem so you can start to deal with it. You don't want to get into a cycle of run, injury, rest, run...... It's depressing and just causes more and more damage. Good luck, you will get through this :)


I've made a start AncientMum and sent some emails. I'd better crack open the piggy bank! x


Right now then! Listen up EGS. Don't fret because there are things you can do......You have to REPAIR yourself first, have patience and then you can run again.

Firstly, if you are prone to calf injuries it might be worth (as others have said) to see a physio. Secondly, you need to strengthen your calves. There are exercises you can do for this -

• stand feet flat on the ground - parallel with your hips, then rise up on your toes, then back down again. Do this slowly TEN TIMES. Have a minutes rest then repeat two more sets.

Then stand feet apart, shoulder width. Rise up and down ten times. Rest. Repeat for three sets total. These exercises done every day will strengthen your calf muscles.

Buy a foam roller - about ten quid on Amazon. Roll your calves back and forth. It will be agony to start so don't put the whole weight of your body on the roller to start with. Sit on the ground and roll each calf separately for a a minute or two. The roller squashes the fibres of the muscle and evens things out. I've found they work wonders.

When you do get back out there again, take it easy. Which means...slowwwwwwwww. But don't be down or dispirited because there are loads of us here that have had injuries and have come back stronger than ever. Last january I was in bad shape with shin pain and calf pain. I was out of it for a while - but this morning I ran a PB 5K in under 26 minutes.

But see a physio and get some advice BEFORE progressing. Better safe than sorry!



Thanks DZ, I regularly do those excercises, stretch daily and use my foam roller regularly. So the next step is a physio. I've just emailed a couple.

Well done on this morning's PB and thanks for your support x


I do sympathise with you. My OH has been through a very similar experience. We started C25K together but he has had to stop due to a calf strain for a few weeks. When he restarted he only did 3 runs and it went again. He went to see a physio who really helped him and he has now restarted the program for the third time (after I graduated by this time) and is now on W4 and hopefully through his injury problems. Please don't give up, you will get there eventually :)


I've emailed a couple of physios, better start saving my pennies. Thanks for the support and good luck to your OH x


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