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Finally Noticed a Difference!

Completed my W3R2 this morning ... I beat the gremlins on my shoulder as I was running up the hill telling me to stop or at least turn back.

But the funniest thing happened yesterday. I ran for the bus (not an uncommon occurrence!) but once I was sat down I noticed the strangest thing. I wasn't out of breath! This is the first time I can remember this happening!! I'm finally making progress :D

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It is strange and amazing how quickly you can notice small and subtle changes as you go through the program.

You obviously doing well so keep going you doing great ☺


I remember doing the same for a train - it's hard to describe how pleased you feel isn't it. You have a great future!


Great. - sounds like it's going well!


Well done Sam, oh yes , those little changes make such a BIG difference !

Keep going,youre doing great ! :-) xxx


Last time I ran for a bus, I leapt on showed my old farts pass and sat down pleased to have run so fast and like you, not out of breath. Now, the disadvantage of an old pass is that you show it and sit down. Within seconds I realised I was on the bus bound for Scarborough not Leeds as I had just seen a socking great blue bus in the distance and pelted off down the high street to catch it. Never occurred to me to read the destination!!!! Had I needed to ask for a ticket, I'd have realised wouldn't I?

As Homer once said: every time I learn something new it pushes something old out of my head. So running has pushed reading out of my head!

Oh! That was Homer Simpson by the way in case you were thinking Iliad


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