Running with dogs

Running with dogs


Currently a beginner and doing week 1 (again). Last time I did this I would have loved a canine running buddy but my boy was getting on a bit and not up to the endurance of even week 1.

Since then however, we have lost that beautiful boy (miss him every day). But have since rehomed two beautiful terrier mutts.

One has teeny little legs, the other only has 3 legs! Both have boundless energy and both love running.

I haven't tried it yet as neither are the best at walking "nicely" on the lead, but just wondered if anyone does run with their dog and what kind of lead is best as I don't want to be tangled or tripped!

Don't think I could manage both but how am I supposed to pick between these two? πŸ˜€πŸ˜


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  • Oh Hezza , what a fab photo ! I have 2 pugs , they are built for comfort not speed :-)

    My black pug , Doug would be okay to run at a push , but my beige pug, Rocky is a forager . It's one step forward , three steps back as he is always got his snout into something !

    I am sure someone will be along to advise , as there are a few on here who run with their dogs .

    Welcome back and hope you get some advice :-) xxx

  • What a couple of sweeties! Perhaps you could alternate?

    I don't know anyone who runs with two, but quite a few on here do run with their dog. Have fun!

  • Just give it a go, you'll learn together. And they love it.

    One dog per session. I run with a leash around my waist. My leash is static but I've heard some folks have elastic-y ones. My mutts can do the intervals but weren't up for solid running like W5R3, probably depends on the dog. Also watch for shoulder cramping. Mine hurts if I clutch the poo bag too hard.

    Post back how it goes!

  • I have run with my Labrador but he is trained to stay on my left so running is easy. A friend has a belt around her waist that the dog is attached to - not sure what will work best with your dogs but I am sure someone on here will. πŸ•

  • I run with my lab x Henry Hooch Pooch and I use this elasticated waist lead - (I got mine elsewhere but can't remember where now!). It's ideal for holding my phone, keys and I also attached a thermal baby bottle holder which is ideal as a poobag holder for times when there's no bins nearby (nothing worse than trying to run holding a full bag swinging around, lol).

    Henry pulls so I use a halti but apart from when he is initially excited, he has learned to settle very nicely to trotting along. The lead is long enough for him to cross in front of me without me standing on him - although it's surprising how a couple of clips by accident have trained him to keep an eye on where I am! Voice commands also really help - "Steady", "left", "wait" and most often used, "walk on!" (when he stops to sniff!).

    This one looks interesting for using with two dogs - - I like that it looks like you'd have one on each side.

    I would definitely always use an elasticated/shock absorbing lead with the waist belt though as it is better for the dog and probably for you too!

    I also think running with your dog helps the time pass by quicker as you talk to them!

  • I've run with my sister's springer spaniel off lead. She is very well trained though and obeyed my every command! She also loved me at the end of our week's holiday! My sister also has 2 border collies who are getting on a bit. I would have no problem taking all 3 of them off lead, they are so well-trained. But I think they are an exception!

  • I run with 2 , although mostly off lead, but I do have a canicross bungee lead which I attach to a splitter, ( one ring for lead going to 2 short lengths of lead and a clip for each dog) , you can get proper canicross leads for 2 and 3 dogs though. I also use a harness instead of a collar.

  • i jog along with both my staffies, i have retracting leads, one dog on either side of me, rein them in when people/dogs are passing, seem o manage fine, almost tripped over one dog the first day but after that its gong ok, give it a go and see how you get on,good luck, im W1 R4 so no expert,im still a beetroot colour, but at least ive stared xx

  • What a lovely picture of your dogs and I am sorry to hear of your loss. I do run with my dog off the lead, but in a large, closed green area. Hope you get some solutions.

  • I do off lead and on lead running. I find the Trixie waist belt and lead combo works well - elasticated belt with a swivelly fastening and then the lead has a bit of bungee to it. Very secure lead attachment to the belt.

    I bought another set up which was not elasticated, didn't come with a lead but two clips for leads but didn't feel it was good value for money and wouldn't be very confident about it being secure if they put on a sudden turn of speed.

    My dog usually understands pretty quickly whether this is a sniffage walk or a run walk ie no stopping.

    Worth giving some consideration to using a harness to attach the lead to instead of the collar.

    Those two look very loveable rascals! I reckon that you could get two of the Trixie set up to use at once and do well. Good luck!

  • I only started running because I have a hyperactive mutt! Sometimes he has to be on a lead but mostly he runs off lead in front of me. It's taken a little while to train him to stay within range but he's great company on the towpath.

  • I'm really lucky because I don't have to use a lead with my pampered pooch. She's been so timid since we got her and she didn't like the lead so I've never really bothered. I used to run with her lead round my neck (?) but I don't even bother with her lead now. She's happy running alongside me and if she does stop and I keep running she quickly catches up to stop me running away from her. She's too thick to realise that's not possible.

    Why not try one of them at a time and see how they get on.

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