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running, raining and me

So I decided to take the rest of the week off work, I know myself well, and I saw the burnout guy chasing me with his olympic torch....so anyway, I decided on a run with my best boy Leon.... we left the house just as it started to rain a bit wearing our usual gear. Here's the lowdown ( I'm a list girl I'm afraid):

1. It POURED with rain and we got SOAKED

2. There is no way I would have won the wet t shirt competition, I looked like a very wet chicken

3. Leon just sprinted and ran and went for it ( he did 10k in 1hr 3 secs) and I felt OLD...my knees hurt ALOT, especially downhill, I felt it all

4. I felt every one of my 42.7 years as I staggered along ( I did 9.5k in 1 hr 7 mins, not so good)

On reflection ...( ie things I learnt):

1. I so so love my best boy Leon ( +ve)

2. I am much more determind than I thought (+ve)

3. I really don't like getting older and how that effects my body (-ve)

4. I am so passionately in love with my running (+ve)

5. I have lost so much weight my body is the best its been since after I had Leon ( I lost 3.5 stone after I had him due to cream buns and dvd's) ( +ve)

6. I saw some pictures of Sharon Stone in my Grazia mag and shes 55, and I thought....well if you can look that amazing then there is hope for us all, ( I can't afford plastic surgery though), I hope she runs....( +ve)

Overall = +ve ( hooray!)

Happy Wednesday everyone...in fact me and my friend call this 'enjoy your hair day'....just because we can, and we do...happy running


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9.5k in 1hr 7min sounds fantastic to me, but fair enough if you're not so happy with it. Whatever speed it is, it's a very long way to run! :)

And your boy is super speedy! :)

A good job done in finding all those positives on a wet chicken day. :)


Thank you Greenlegs, it was very wet, not sure the running is so good when you get quite that wet!!! :)


Looks like everything on your list is marked as a positive. So that makes it a positive experience.

Me? I hate running in the rain. I'll do ANYTHING else. Even sit down and talk to Mrs Malcy ... :)


Ha ha that made me laugh! That was the first time I'd got really soaked as I had no waterproof and no it wasn't nice! Thank you :)


It all looks good to me. The young one has got some good pace there too. Just keep on keeping on ... with or without the rain.


Thanks Janda :)


Interesting how perceptions change, or how quickly we forget... ;-)

Only a couple of months ago you said, "I have just done week 6, run 2 and it was so HARD..." Now you're crtical of yourself for doing 9.5k in just over an hour!

Really it's a fantastic step up. And, being 23 years further down the road than you :-( , I cannot emphasise enough how regular exercise can do great things for your body and well-being. Give it a bit more time and enjoy your running, and those negatives will disappear from your list (well, maybe not the wet chicken one).


Thank you Landesman great and lovely words, and so true. I have found it harder getting older I had a huge mid life crisis when I hit 40 and I'm only just beginning to get through that ( in my defence I didn't have one at 30 and not planning one for 50 ), so the running is for my Sanity. I so want to keep going and aim for that half marathon in sep I just hope my body doesn't give up on me!


Loving the positivity, even though the first four points of your post aren't outwardly positive, your joy and enthusiasm shines through in the next six! I hope you're feeling the admiration coming at you from China right now! Well done :)


Thank you so much chinaGrirl...wow you are in China, how amazing to think our running unites us accross the globe :)


That's a great positive list, and a good time too (so don't be too hard on yourself!). I love running in the rain because I can unleash my inner 8-yr-old and run through all the puddy muddles. I've been known to run through a puddle because it was fun and then, because it was so much fun, turn round and run through it again!! BTW, I'm 63!!!


Fabulous, I want to be just like you when I'm 63....wonderful :) and thankyou for your lovely words :)


Legend :)


1, you are doing soooooooo well

2, age is irrelevant (unless you too young to get into the pub)

3, Sharon Stone had to pay for how she looks

4, at least getting wet is better than getting sunburnt

5, I need to start to like puddles - still running round them

6, I will enjoy my hair for as long as it stays on my head

7, could get into this list thing :-)


1. Thankyou sooooo much, looks like you are too

2. Agree

3. But she does look hot!

4. not convinced about that

5. I challenge you to go right through a puddle with the biggest splash, and enjoy it. You cannot skirt around life you have to jump right in

6. Glad you are embracing 'enjoy your hair day' ( its every Wednesday) and you have to make a fuss of it, guaranteed it will then stay with you for longer

7. Nothing I like more than a nice list :)


I would really aspire to do 9.5k someday! I would call it very impressive myself!


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