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Don't know what all the fuss was about it was a cake walk and I was purring , sorry I meant snoring which knocked me out of my dreams.😂 Any way I got out there this morning and i only did it I'm still not sure how lol. It was slow but I can live with that. The thing is I can't wait for Thursday to start week 6, i never thought I would hear myself say that about exercise 😱

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Congrats Gary - w5r3 can be a real mental block. Be wary of w6r1 as the mind can play tricks on you and tell you 'yeah, I ran 20 minutes the other day and it was easy - I can do this really quickly' and guess what - it hurts :-).

So great going on w5r3 and I am sure you will rock w6r1 (but start slowly :-))


I found w6r1 harder than w5 r3, not sure why as I was so pleased with myself for doing w5 r3 thinking i wouldn't be able to do it. so take it easy. I'm now looking forward to w6 r2 hoping I'll find it easier than r1

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I now dream about running and, like you, it's sooo much easier in dreamland! 🛌


Well done Gary; it's a great feeling isn't it?!

Roll on week 6!! Starting it tonight...


Slower the better for c25k ☺ Slow and steady will deliver you safely to Graduation day 😊


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