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So today was finally the day I had been dreading since the beginning. I had taken a weekend off for a cold, repeated R2 to allow myself a fighting chance, but today there was no more putting it off. It was face it down time. I did a vigourous spin class last night so my legs were a bit achey this morning, which was a subliminal way of trying to postpone it again, but there was no way out. And..

I did it! I did it! I said that I would do it,

And indeed I did. I thought that I would rue it;

I doubted I'd do it. But now I must admit it

That succeed I did!

only covered 1.65miles in the 20 mins but who cares about pace? I ran (well okay, jogged) for 20 minutes non stop.


I would do a little dance but my legs are too sore.

I know everyone says this but 6 weeks ago, when I was gsaping and dying during the 3rd 60 second run, I would not have believed this possible.

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Well done! :)



Isnt it amazing what the programme and some good old fashioned will power can do?

Onwards and upwards to week 6 now.

That's fabulous! Congratulations. I'm at week 4 and although week 5 is looking rather daunting, I feel more confident heading into it seeing messages like yours.

yay well done, its great isnt it :D


Very well done Rignold. It feels good doesn't it!

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