W5R3: a hasty rewrite

I had been warned! 20 minutes is a tough run to crack & I was feeling challenged about it even before getting out of bed.

I spent the first 15 minutes of this mornings run mentally writing a post about how there was no shame in not being able to manage it / how it was ok that Butchdingle was now TWO runs ahead of me / that it had been a disaster / that it was the dogs fault I hadn't completed it (Charlie doesn't mind, he gets the blame for a lot of stuff in our house, especially smelly stuff) ... and that I was now sobbing into my snotty hanky, but in true heroine style, I was going to write that tomorrow was another day and I should be proud to have come so far (*sob*, *sniffle*)....

...However, 15 minutes in I did a quick body check:

"Are you still breathing? Yes (pant pant)"

"Do you need a defib? Not yet"

"how are your legs? Best not talk about the legs"

And somehow I managed those last 5 minutes. I'm writing this 12 hours later, so my euphoria has worn off a bit, but I'm well proud of myself.

Any other newbies out there in doubt about week 5, it's a transition week, you go from lots of little runs into a big fat proper one and you'll feel awesome for achieving it :o)


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17 Replies

  • Ha! Brilliant - well done you and Charlie. You and I have the same checklist :) I will be restarting week 4 on Wednesday. Was going to do it today but blood donation nurse said no and I'm off to the opera tomorrow night. You'll be all over week 6 before I'm up and running again. No hanky blubbing for you lady!!

  • So pleased for you..brave soldier!

    You deserve to feel awesome....because you are.😊

    We all.or most of us felt the same about Wk 5...but..you do it and it feels sooooo good.

    Well done..moving on and looking good 😉

  • Congratulations! It's such a good feeling to complete that run and overcome all the doubts in your mind! There's no stopping you now!

  • Great post Pam!😊such a milestone moment !congratulations!

    P.S. in our house we blame the dog too!😆

  • Yay!! :D That final run of week 5 is very daunting, I remember it well. You deserve a massive pat on the back for powering through, even when your legs were protesting. Well done! Onto week 6 now. Some people do struggle with week 6 but remember how far you've come and that it's mostly mind over matter at this stage :)

  • Ah this made me laugh. It was like you were taking my thought process down word for word! Well done and good luck for week six

  • ... and just a couple of days ago you were so worried about 8 minutes :P

    You're doing so well you'll graduate before even realising it! :)

  • what a great post .. keep at it

  • Brilliant! Well done Pam!

  • That brought a smile to my face,Well done Pam on doing the 20 mins that is fantastic :) Its time for a well earned day of rest,and look forward to week 6

  • Brilliant post :)

    Love your body check!

    Well done, there's no looking back now ;)

  • Well done! You're doing great, keep the gremlins at bay and you can do week 6 too. Good luck! :)

  • Great stuff, well done. To this day I haven't felt the same euphoria as that moment.

    You've still got some tricky weeks to go, but stick with it and you'll soon be at graduation 🏃 ☺ xx

  • We told ya so! Well done, sometimes you have to grit your teeth and battle on (shins anyone?), sometimes it just feels right and goes easily but everyone can get through that run and there you are. I'd say someone who can run for 20 min is a runner. We can all do it, if we just hang in there.

  • Thank you, fab forum folk!

    I think I've just realised I'm a bit out of sync with the weeks, as I'm running every two days...I'm enjoying it though, so I'll just keep on going :o)

  • Well done pam. You are not far behind me and by the sounds of it you will be overtaking me soon lol .

  • Funny post which made me smile! Very well done - week 5 is definitely a big one and you should feel proud. Best of luck for week 6.

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