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Extra rest day

I think j m going to take 2 days rest between each run. Now I m on wk 7 and it's more running. My knee has been really sore for the day after the run and then seems to calm a bit giving me 24 hrs pain free which is lovely. I m a bit disappointed as I wanted to do 3 runs a week but if I carry on with every other day I think it will get too sore it will take me longer and I m just hoping that one run every 2 days will be enough

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Good idea to look after your knees! Have you tried any stretch and flex exercises, that helped my knees to improve. I find they stiffen up when running because I don't move them much!! The other thing is I try to run as much as possible on grass or tracks rather than hard surfaces


Good idea - and not that unusual as the runs get longer. I did this for a while and was then able to go back to one day between many runs. Having said that, I will still do it even now if I feel my legs need it. Also, don't be afraid to take a more significant break if you start to get more pain/discomfort. So important to ease up and let niggles settle before they turn in to full blown injuries. Good luck!


Take what you need.. those knees are tricky little blighters... and can cause real problems!

Rest up. listen to the twinges and hopefully you will be fine :)

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It doesn't matter if you take 1,2 or 3 or longer, the important thing is to look after yourself and your knee, as suggested try the exercises and stretching to see if it improves 😊


Have you got good shoes? Do you stretch pre and post run? It will make a huge difference...


Hi yes I have a lovely pair of asics and I stretch and warm up and down. It's probably my poor knows having to lug my weight around


A lot of people do struggle with knees. I would add in some exercises to strengthen them.... And perhaps see a sports osteopath if you can afford it?


I'm experiencing exactly the same at the moment, so I understand your frustration.

In my case, it's all about my bio-mechanics - the alignment of my knee joints. I have custom-made orthotics which have allowed me to run pain-free for 18 months. But having seen my podiatrist last week, we think the recent discomfort is a result of one of the in-soles giving way a little bit , thereby not giving the correct alignment in my left knee (the current problem). We came to the conclusion that for running, I should get a new pair of in-soles made from a more durable material.

Thinking about your situation, I'd highly recommend seeing a podiatrist and/or a sports physio.

Good luck!


PS I'd add that *if* your alignment is out (so you're getting pain from bits in the knee contacting each other that shouldn't be contacting each other), then no amount of knee exercises are going to help.


That's fine - it's really important to listen to your body.


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