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Smashed it

Well I promised an update, and yes, I did it! The first five minutes were the longest. When Laura chirped up I was expecting her to say I'd done 8 minutes not 5, but the rest was definitely mind over matter. Legs felt leaden but the tip for slowing down and pacing yourself was great, even though I found myself questioning whether I was actually jogging at some points. So there you go, it is possible and boy do I feel pleased with myself!

P.S. Someone asked yesterday why runninja as a name, well it's because I am quite large and run in all black. That said, I am definitely toning up through this programme and losing weight so who knows I may just go out and buy something in luminous pink when I graduate!

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Well done - that's a real milestone in the programme! You're well on the way now.


Well done x


Well done :)

Slow and steady is still the key as you now build to longer runs.

Going back to intervals can catch you out, it can be a difficult week (can't they all?!!) but you now have a taste of how far you've come so keep plugging away.

I started out in relatively drab colours but now 'fluorescent' has quite a presence! It's great how confidence grows too. If you do fb, consider joining Running Ninja's it opens your eyes to a whole different world!

Good luck :)


Ahh well done, amazing feeling to give yourself! Why does all running stuff have to be either black or luminous?? I don't get it! Enjoy your day grinning to yourself 😬


Congratulations; feels amazing doesn't it?! A whole 20 minutes!!!!


Well done , it is huge milestone to do and you did it ☺Really don't worry about your pace it will get better 😊


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