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Week 9 Run 3 - Graduation run done - Yippee

Hi All was out at 7.00am this morning and have now completed the C25K programme for the second time, yippee.

I first did this programme last year starting at the end of August and finished it 1st December. I ran through snow even putting winter spikes on my old trainers, that was wonderful going up through the forest tracks being kept comany by dozens of birds and even some very shy Roe Deer some mornings. Then at the beginning of January while on holiday I woke and could hardly move, sciatica left me in agony for 5 weeks. I really thought I would never be able to run again, I could hardly walk!!!

But gradually the pain eased and I started to return to my other exercises, swimming, walking and pilates, but the truth was "I MISSED MY JOGGING"

So checked with my doctor and he said to take it very slow and listen to my body, I decided the best plan was to follow this plan all over again!!

So 9 weeks later, here I am running this morning 5.10Km in 34 minutes 39 seconds. Its not fast, its not breaking any records but its my achievement that I'm proud of. I'll be 62 in another few months and I'm proud to say I'm fitter and more active now than I was in my 30's & 40's.

Thank you Laura, when I did this the first time I was known to you as Little Betty, I'm just the Old Girl these days who will keep on running as long as she can.

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Fantastic news and what a sense of achievement. I think you will find there a lots of us not quite under 40 anymore.So your not quite an oldgirl really!

well done you especially at 0700 when I was sound asleep. Good time to run when its warm like this.


Congratulations! Great news :)


Wow JR21 you're a quick mover no sooner have I asked for my badge and

hey presto its there, brilliant, thank you.


Wow! Very impressive! Congratulations and well done you!


Congratulations! Brilliant achievement


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