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Graduation run done


Since the dreaded cross country at school I’ve always known I can’t run. Not sure why but this year I decided to do C25K as a new challenge. I’ve really enjoyed the programme and steady progress, not that it’s been easy, I think stubbornness helped. Decided to run a bit longer yesterday on my graduation run to finish with a 5K and was amazed to do it a little over 33 minutes.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum. I haven’t posted before but have really benefited from so many posts. Looking forward to future runs and cooler weather 😀🏃‍♀️

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Huge well done... the journey goes on:)


Congratulations to you Catster, that time of a little over 33 minutes for your graduation run is amazing, well done. I agree with you, we have in the UK had enough of hot tropical weather, send that weather back to where it belongs, the tropics. Let's get back to our normal weather of rainy skies and gales.

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I’ve finally gotten around to ordering some running shorts. If my cunning plan works that should see off the hot weather 😉

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Agree on that one Catster, as I type this I have just come in from an 11K bicycle run, just after I got home it started to rain, the first rain where I live in Central Scotland for almost 4 weeks.


Well done! 👏👏👏

Congratulations and well done! That’s a great time for 5k! 👍👏🍾🥂🎉🥇


Congratulations take your well earned place on that podium!!🍾🍾🥂🥂🍾🍾


Well done you. 5k is excellent. 🍾🥂👏🏅


Congratulations! I hope you have a big silly smile on your face!


Congratulations Catster well done on ignoring those days of school cross country and getting this done .. and what a brilliant way to graduate that's a great distance and time .. well done you.

The concept behind this C25K programme is so simple I just don't understand why schools throw you out of the door to do a cross country - it's determined to demoralise some and put them off running potentially for life.

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I agree about schools. My 9 yr daughter is now doing running every day at school before classes. Hopefully that will be a more gentle introduction than full on cross country first day of term

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Congratulations on graduating! I too hated cross country at school but I enjoyed and was good at sprinting! If schools followed this programme instead of saying Okay off you go! run round that field a few times we might have lots nore kids who enjoy running instead of coming to it much much later in life and wishing we had found it years ago!!!


You sound just like me and I finished yesterday! Our futures look similar too. Congratulations.


Congratulions Catster! I’ve just completed as well - 57 next week and always hated running but felt I needed to get fit. Week 9 was definitely a “I’ve said I’m going to do this and I won’t be defeated” moment, but am determined to continue. 5k in 35.26 is my best so far, going for Park run next week 😃

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Good luck with your park run. I’ve just registered but may not be able to go to one for a few weeks due to holidays. More time to do consolidation runs 😀

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I’m doing the Lincoln Park run on Saturday but am then off to our place in the vineyards inthe Dordogne for 6 weeks so need to rely on self motivation, but, having got this far, I’m determined to keep going!

That's a great time catster, I also knew I couldn't run and have managed to graduate. It's such a great feeling isn't it!😊

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