Couch to 5K

plugging away towards my new years resolution

Having graduated before xmas and feeling like a lot of us do: "what now? what am i going to do without the structure of C25k?" I decided that this year I would run 10k.

I'm still struggling to think of myself as a 'runner', I am a person who runs, seems to be getting better and actually enjoys it... but 10k...I have never done anything like that. 5k seemed achievable as I am sure I did about that distance when I was forced to run cross country in school, but 10k is the sort of thing I think 'runners' do.

Anyway, all that aside I have been trying to nudge up distance. I did 5k on my graduation run (32mins) and have done it at least once a week since.. today, in the drizzle, slower than usual, i managed 6.5k.

baby steps! I am feeling pretty happy with that given we are just halfway through the first month!

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Wow, and so you should be pleased with yourself! You've done really well to keep that going what with Christmas, horrible weather, etc. I think small steps is probably the way to go too - you're less likely to risk injury that's for sure. Do you have a particular 10K in mind?


I hadn't actually thought of doing and actual organised 10k! There's a thought! That would be more of an actual goal and achievement that pootling round my 5k route twice - thanks for the idea Hennith!

How's your post-grad running going? This weather couldn't be more discouraging at the moment...


My usual running routes are cut off by floodwater at the moment, so I've been running laps of the cricket field (yawn!). Trying to do 2 runs a week - any more is just too much of a time commitment - with the aim of being able to manage 4K by the end of the current Quest.


In my book anyone who gets out there and runs 5k - let alone in 32 mins is def a runner ! It could be good idea to have actual race as a goal as long as you give yourself plenty of time to train I am following bupa beginners 10 k plan I started at wk 4 cos already do 5k run a week and didnt fancy going back to walking Only plan to use as a guide and maybe repeat weeks if gets too hard as my race is in may so have plenty of time and dont want to lose the fun feeling I'm getting just now


You could join The 'Week 2. Love to run Valentine Quest - feel free to join' to keep motivated and log what you plan to do. Well done.


How many non runners do you know who run 6.5k. YOU ARE A RUNNER!

Personally, I was really surprised at how easily I managed to increase my distance (although I did not stick strictly to the 10% rule) only finding my longest run to date (10 miles) particularly hard, and that was probably down to lack of fuel and hydration. I will get it right next time. 10k is a nice distance, which feels like a real run, but doesn't require any special preparation once you have got there. Running 10k will improve your 5k runs (and vice versa). You will eventually find yourself in the zone on a longer run and marvel at what C25k has done to you and your body.

Keep running, keep smiling.


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