W3R3 done but not without challenges!

I posted a while back about new shoes and not wanting to commit to spending big bucks on a new pair until I knew I was going to keep this up. Well....I think the time has come! I seem to be awful at sticking to things and I honestly thought I would have given up on this at least a week ago. Still here though, and still feeling good.

The trigger for this though was last nights run. It was the first time I didn't fancy doing it - tired and cold. I would have rather snuggled up and done nothing but I pushed through! I felt like a sack of potatoes though and very flat. My ankles and knees seemed to be a bit twingy and the top of my shins felt like they were carrying a lot more weight.

I'm going to work on quad strength, get gait analysis done and go from there. I think I'll give myself another night off tomorrow to go for W4R1 on Friday. Hot yoga tomorrow though and that always gets me feeling good!

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  • Good for you Hannah..

    You are doing great.. New trainers and running socks are well deserved. :)

  • Ooooooo socks!!

  • Ahhh Hanna thats exactly the same run I decided I had deserved the right of some new trainers:) I promptly went out on Saturday and purchased such a great pair..matches my favourite running gear!! Lol. But there is more than just the fashion bonus.. I was so excited about my next run in them.... as I couldn't wait to try them out.. very comfy. Helped my run.. psychological or not..got out and done it! On your week my legs felt so bad.. every run was very tough as was first run on w4 .. second run was slightly easier.. but today last run of w4 I actually smiled and punched the air at one point!! Keep going. You will get there. Keep me posted and hope you decide to treat yourself.. mine were only £30 from sports direct.. big selection x

  • That's the plan! I have been known to smash out a couple of dance moves on my round if I'm feeling good! I have just come down with a bit of a cold which would explain my stiffness and lack of drive. Planning another rest night and will attack week 4 with gusto on Friday. New shoes in time for my run on sunday! I'm going to go into up & running (my local with gait analysis) and specify my budget before we start so they don't try and sell me something obscenely expensive. I'm not there yet!

  • Keep at it! I think longer breaks can really help.

    I used to do run 1 on Sunday, run 2 on Tuesday and run 3 on Friday. Always seemed to find run 2 the hardest.

    Now my pattern has shifted a bit to run 1 on Tuesday, run 2 on Friday and run 3 on Sunday.

    Still finding Tuesday the hardest. I think it's the Tuesday-ness (my third alternate day, so I'm more tired) rather than where I am in the sessions. We'll see if that pattern repeats this week.

  • Ah- that's my pattern too. Maybe I need to space out a bit more as R2 is awful!

  • I pretty much leave a day gap unless I have a commitment or feel I would benefit from an extra day. I think I do at this point, hopefully I can start getting into a proper routine when the clocks go forward - I cant wait!

  • Well done for sticking with it. Yes, definitely get some running shoes. Mine were thirty five quid from Sports Direct and I noticed the difference straight away. Good luck with the rest of the plan.

  • I look forward to my epiphany!

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