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Week 9, run 3 - fail

Gutted. Set out tonight hoping to graduate but gave up after about 8 minutes of running as I felt so tired. Firstly I shouldn't have had fish and chips for tea as I still felt really full even though it had been over an hour and a half since eating it. Second excuse is that I went to a concert on Wednesday evening getting home at 2am after a 4 mile walk from the Etihad Stadium to the car, followed by getting up for work at 7am! All excuses but by tonight I felt shattered and had to stop. So the plan now is to go for it on Sunday evening. I so hope I manage it as I didn't get this far to fail now! Disappointed, but determined.

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Don't let this get to you, we all set out with the intention of running a good run, and then other things take over.

You have come such a long way. You are right to rest and go for it on Sunday.

Hope the concert was good, and who can resist fish and chips!!

Good luck for Sunday, look forward to reading you graduation blog. :-)


then again - a certain Mr Williams is possibly worth a 4 mile walk....? hopefully he did entertain you.

excuses aside - I couldn't do my W9R3 when I first set out either - I was way too tired and not enough fuel inside .... so have yourself a good bowl of pasta tomorrow and I hope to see you doing your graduation run on Sunday


You can do it - you know what your mistakes were so you can deal with them and put them away - good luck! Honestly if I can (and 3 stones overweight) you can too :-D


I think fish and chips and Robbie are a good enough reason for struggling. So don't beat yourself up, get out there and have another go. Good luck.

Viki :-)


This is a good thing about the programme. You can do your own thing but don't cheat yourself. Sometimes I have bowl of no sugar muesli with chopped banana and skimmed milk and a big glass of cold water before my run. Good Luck!


I've done a similar thing, way back on Week 2. Full of enthusiasm I decided to do a run after a day's work and an evening meal. Like you I left it for what seemed like plenty of time, but nope, I struggled, and felt rough. I now always run in the morning. A glass of water, and I am off.

Good luck for tomorrow, just run that 30 minutes, like you know you can. Oh, and let us know how you get on.


Thanks for all your comments. Robbie was well worth it, but hopefully all will come good tomorrow and I can proudly ask for my graduate badge!


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