Week 4 run 2. Massive fail 😢

I had to give up half way through. The pain in my ankle got to the stage where I had to stop and sit down. My ankle hurt a little after Monday's run so I took an extra day to rest it because it was a little tender on Tuesday, it felt loads better this morning so thought I'd give run 2 a go. Now I am in so much pain even resting it, it hurts. I hope I haven't done anything serious to it. What do you guys suggest I do? Maybe go tot the doctors tomorrow or just rest up?


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8 Replies

  • Well I'm a rester-upper and would wait and see how it goes for a few days. Ice, rest and elevation work wonders, especially ice. You have to keep up with the ice though and apply it (keep it moving) as often as you can, several times a day and take the ice pack to bed if needs be

    Then after a few days if it's no better than you have to get it checked out. You do get niggles like this as your body gets used to the new demands being placed on it, and they often go as suddenly as they came. Your body gets stronger as you keep running through the programme

  • Thank you misswobble. I shall be resting it and icing it when I can 😀

    Also sorry for swearing

  • Ice, ice, ice, and then a little more ice. Rest up, elevate the limb and apply ice for 10 minutes or so. Then, in an hour or two, repeat with the ice. If it's not improved after a couple of days you can try the doctor. However, don't be surprised if the answer is "come back in a week if it's still hurting". As missw says, your body isn't accustomed to this exertion and you may well get niggles.

    [By the way, you are not supposed to use the F word on this forum - you have had a learning experience, not a massive f ;) ]

  • Sorry for swearing. I am going to keep icing it and resting it when I can. Thank you for your advice.

  • Hopefully only a short setback - fail is a word we don't use here! Another vote for RICE here, but make sure it is properly better before you attempt another run. If you are at all worried, or it seems worse not better, get along to your doctor - we are not qualified on here!

  • I am hoping I can restart agin soon because I really enjoyed my run on Monday. Thank you for your advice and I am sorry swearing.

  • If the pain doesn't get better, the safest bet is to get a doctor to look at it (fallible as they are). Basically if the pain feels like it's "inside" the joint, that's much worse than if it's just in your muscles. "Tendons first" isn't exactly the right slogan here, but part of taking up running is building up your connective tissues, not just your muscles. Rest is normally what it takes.

  • Injured in Week 4... SNAP!

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