Don't aim for a set distance! Lesson learnt!


Not really sure how this running business works, but last weekend having no set distance in my mind to run, I just put one foot in front of the other, and managed my longest run yet of 14km. I was elated! it felt good basically from start to finish, and even at the end i felt like I could have gone further!

well after a 3.6km run mid week, I had a day off from work today, and as the sun was shinning decided to get myself out there and go for a 10km, thinking that would be more than do-able after achieving the 14km the weekend before!

Well, that couldn't be further from the truth! I only managed 7km, half the distance of my previous run, and every km of it felt a struggle! I had to have plenty of walking intervals, and slower than usual!

I know I should still be happy that I managed 7k, after all this time last year couldn't manage 700 metres let allowed 7km!, but how come one run can be so good, and another pretty rubbish!


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11 Replies

  • Oh no, that must be disappointing. I am WELL impressed at your 14k though. I hope I'll be doing that in a year. In the spirit of this forum, maybe just bank it as a practice run for the next 14k :)

  • You were not so well rested as last week, you were not so well hydrated, you had not recovered fullly after the 14, your mindset was different, you're coming down with something, the weather was different, squirrels, your form was not as good, you didn't warm up as well, you have had less sleep this week, God hates you, your nutrition is not on point, your expectations were too high...

    any number of possible reasons for a bad run. BUt 7 k of bad run is still a lot better than no run.

  • Definitely squirrels

  • they are responsible for more bad runs than most of the other factors combined. Spiteful little brutes.

  • Just the grey ones!

  • Your reply made me smile, especially the squirrel bit! Thanks

  • You're so right! There's no explaining it - at our level anyway.

    If we were professional runners and logged everything about our running (including the presence of squirrels) we might find a pattern and then a reason for a particularly good or bad run but since we're not (we'll, I'm not and I'm guessing you're not either) I think we have to take the 7kms with the 14kms - and be pleased with the latter.

    The real frustration is trying to make the good runs happen when they matter. I've got a 10k race coming up in 10 days time; I've done 10k so I know I can do it but will I be able to on the day? Dunno, but you can be sure that I'll be on the look out for squirrels!

  • mand3966 , I'm glad you posted this question. I've been wondering similarly about my own running. Rignold has given quite a full list there to think about. Him Indoors (a cyclist) was on about it being due to loss of form but I didn't want to admit I don't know what that means... Happy to blame the squirrels though. :)

  • Hi AnneDroid, yes Rignold gave us something to think about. I'm now wondering if my bad day was because of the time I ran. I am not a morning runner, and usually run early evening after I get back from work. My good run last week was late afternoon, the run this morning, around 10am, perhaps I'm just not a morning runner!

  • Some days are like that. Rignold's list list great, and I'm sure there are dozens of other factors as well. It's best just to accept this as part of life.

    Of course it can be slightly inconvenient if you've carefully planned a route that takes you far away from home before turning back - in that case it's good to remember that a LOOOOONG walk is also very useful exercise.

  • I've just completed w6r3 and it was awful. There was no obvious reason but the run just didn't flow. It was clumpy, lumpy and niggly for the whole 25 minutes. Now I realise my enemy is squirrels I feel much better! Even though it wasn't ​fun I feel good that I did it with no walking, I couldn't do 25 a few weeks ago and next time is a new run! Onwards and upwards to w7! #iwillbearacingsnake

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