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W5R2 Today I ENJOYED running. Never thought I would - ever!

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Got up and out by 7.00 to avoid the heat. As soon as I was outside feeling the fresh cool morning air it all just felt right. 5 minutes warm up and I was off. Didn't even mind the running beside the main road - I usually hate all the commuters passing by. Then down to 'my' river bank and along under the lovely cool trees! I managed both runs comfortably and for the first time I really enjoyed it. For me that is quite a break through!

So - to you newbies - I used to really dislike the running and once even queried that the feel good factor was an urban myth! IT'S NOT A MYTH, IT IS TRUE! You do feel good doing this! W5R3 on Wednesday - and then the world is my oyster! WEIGH HAY as they say! Happy running to all you bloggers out there - it's well worth the effort!

5 Replies
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It sounds like a lovely run near the river and your joy is infectious. Well done!!!

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Hiya Beek, not "spoke" for a while.

Glad to see you're enjoying yourself. The continued effort was well worth it wasn't it?

I'm resting up at the moment, I've pulled something I think. Anyway I'm really missing my runs!

I certainly wouldn't have said that a few months ago. :-)

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Hi runningmam, I wouldn't have said that either but now I do look forward to getting out. And the cool summer mornings are gorgeous! Hope the resting sorts out your problem. Patience is a virtue in this instance. Give yourself the chance to heal properly!

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Hi Beek, great blog. I'm glad to hear from someone loving the running especially at the same stage as me in the C25k. I seem to have some days when I love it and some when it is a total struggle. I hope that I'll have a good run like you tomorrow morning. I've got the same run coming up and plan to get an early start to avoid the heat and also a route with a fair bit alongside the river under the shade. It will be my first pre work run ever. I could not have imagined 5 weeks ago that I would actually get out of bed early for a run, but I already did that on Sunday! Happy running everyone :)

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This programme really does seen to be effective and is not too onerous really! Good luck with the pre work run. It really is fantastic first thing: clean air, cool breeze, lovely smells! Hope you enjoy it! I found little caterpillars on silken threads dropping on me from my trees today. So keep your mouth shut or you may get more protein than you bargained for!

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