Hi :)

I'm in week three at the moment, just about to complete w3r3.

I ran w3r1 outdoors and reeeeally really struggled with it, but then did w3r2 on a treadmill and didn't find it too bad at all... I'm not sure if its because it was warm weather and the road was kind of hilly when I ran outside, but I didn't think it would make such a big difference!

Am I cheating myself by running on a treadmill and making it easier than it should be? Where do other people run?


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  • Indoor, outdoor or a mix of both. What ever works for you. It all counts. If you do a search on treadmill I think you will find lots of helpful threads.

  • 'Ello E_Mc_G - no, you're not cheating. Lots of people on here use treadmills. Running is running.

    I personally run outdoors - because I don't have a treadmill.

    I started w7 today, and I've never tried to tackle anything remotely like a hill, I just run in a nearby park.

    On w1 r1, I ran in the hot afternoon sun- never again!

    I usually run as early in the morning as possible to avoid overheating.

    I think it's good to be as comfortable as possible whilst doing the C25K, because the running itself can be pretty challenging. No need to deliberately make it tougher. :)

  • Thanks! That's really reassuring to hear :D

  • I've done all mine on a treadmill so far (on wk 5); my reason is because I don't have the confidence to run outside yet; hopefully will as the weeks progress.

  • I agree :) I hope to be able to run outside at some point but want to get my confidence up on the treadmill first!

  • if you run on a treadmill you have to put it on an incline to get the same benefit as running outdoors as it is definately easier running on a treadmill

  • Running is running so just go where you feel best. I did most of the programme on the treadmill and can tell you that it's harder to pace yourself outside and most people run too fast after the controllable speed of the treadmill. I bet that's what happened to you. Just slow your pace right down outside and you should feel fine.

  • Run what's convenient for you on c25k, it doesn't matter, but eventually it'll be best to run outside. And run any time that suits you, but make sure you keep the pace slow'n steady, only running just above brisk walking speed.

    Yes, It can get a tad warm when running, and there are hills, it's all part'n parcel of running, so you may as well try and get used to them, make sure you are well hydrated.

    My wife currently doing the programme running outside is nearing graduation, and has tackled a bit of heat and slight incline, which hasn't bothered her too much, but then she's been doing her clubercise for years, so is not in bad condition anyway.

    Doing the odd minor incline will be beneficial and good for you if you can, especially when you come to tackle bigger hills, remember there's no gain without pain, so learn to take a little bit..๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks very much :) I'll have to start trying it outside!

  • If you put a 1% incline on the treadmill it's supposed to be comparable to running outside. There are loads of people doing c25k on a treadmill and it's perfectly valid - running is running! I think if running is going to be sustainable though you need to get outside because it probably gets quite boring. Can't imagine running for an hour on a treadmill. Good luck whatever you choose!

  • I am a big advocate of running outdoors.

    Yes, it is harder but it is so much more rewarding! Furthermore you are ignoring the most important fact; you might have struggled but you did it. Why trading the fresh air, the pleasure of seeing who places change day after day and season after season, etc. "only" to spare a few drops of sweat? ;)

    Having said that, running on a treadmill is perfectly acceptable and better than not running at all.

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