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Week 4 run 1 tick.....despite mishaps!!!

One day I will go out and just do the run! Wearing head torch and carrying flashlight off I went..1.Laura gave up on me...2. Forgot to start stop watch on second lot of 5 minutes and ended up doing more..3. Flashlight gave up on me about half way through...4.Head torch no good( New one ordered) gave up on me...otherwise it was a great session because I did it :0) Hppy running folks..(btw...cold ok...)

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Oh blimey. And you still did it.!!

Brilliant pot58. Run 2 has just got to be better though :))

Reply has to be lol!


Hi pot,,congrats on week 4,I am on week4 run 1tomorrow.... How did you find it?


Well apart from the 'mishaps'I I did struggle with the last 5minutes and was probably slower than some tortoises I know...but I did it.....Good luck for tomorrow...just take it slowly.


And good for you too!

You got yourself out there and did it - yay!

Don't worry about the speed AT ALL.

Hope your next run is incident free

:-) xx


Thanks... at least I did n't fall over lol!!


Well done for getting out there despite cold & mishaps, go you, you did it!!! Another one ticked off!! X


Thanks for the encouragement x


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