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I have now run for 3 miles!

I Manage to run for 35 minutes 2 weeks ago Upon completing of C25K, I kept pushing myself but to get to 3 miles but as I'm still quite slow I only got to 2.7 miles. Since then I have a new job and a lot more hours and I'm finding it hard to fit in as many runs as before.

I've fitted in some shorter faster runs which I've enjoyed, unusually 1.7 -2 miles. At least I still got out and kept the training going.

But I needed to try and run for 3 miles to see how long it would take.

I did it yesterday, 3 miles in 35 minutes. So I've speeded up a bit. I felt sick near the end and wanted to stop but kept on going and I've proved that I can do it. Wahoo.

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Good for you - and those 1.7-2 mile runs are good for you too!!! We all need to incorporate some shorter faster runs into our programme - rather than just the slow long stuff all the time. But remember to do a good warmup before launching yourself over 1.7 miles!!! :)

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BTW - how many of your friends and relatives can run 1.7 miles???? :)

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Well done Ruby! Good for you to keep going. You must be so pleased.


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