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3 miles - but not quite 5k

I've just been out for a very soggy run in the rain and pushed myself to keep going at the end to get to the magic 3 mile mark which I did in just under 38 minutes. I was so ecstatic, thinking I had cracked 5k but I've just checked and I only did 4.9k :-(

Oh never mind! I still did THREE WHOLE MILES!!!! Woo hoo! I would have never believed it possible! :-)

..................but does that mean I've got to run even further next time???

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So well done! 0.1km is such a small difference you know you'd be fine doing it next time. ... It's a lovely feeling isn't it?!!!


How did you measure it? My gps unit sometimes measures within a certain accuracy that changes depending on satellite coverage. Congratulations on the 3 miles. :)


What's 0.1 km between friends?

This deserves a big cheer :)


Hurrah ! Well done :-)


Well done; big cheer indeed.


:) well done!!! 3 miles is 3 miles so keep smiling :) :)


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