W2r3 not so good

So I went out yesterday to do w2r3 after having struggled with runs 1 & 2 this week.

I only managed to do 2 full runs and 3 shorter runs and couldn't manage the final run. I kept a sort of brisk walk.

I'm thinking perhaps I should repeat run 3 again before moving onto week 3 and then deciding if I'll need to do another week 2 or move on.

I'm not disappointed be a use I've made it to week 2 so far and I won't give up even if I have to repeat every week along the way.

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  • You know your body best. You will know if a repeat is for you. If you will feel better for ticking it off do it again.

  • Thank you

  • Yes agree with TheHack you may feel more confident repeating run 3. I had to have a long rest after first attempt of week 2 because of injury, then I repeated it. Glad I did, no injuries now and it was only reading about all the other people who had repeated, or slowed that I didn't give up completely. Good luck

  • Yes I do feel I would gain more confidence if I repeated run 3 before moving on. I agree the support here is fabulous. Thank you πŸ–’πŸ˜Š

  • There is no shame in repeating some runs. Many people on here have done it and if that's what gets you to your goal it's a positive thing to do. Take it slowly and keep moving, you will get there πŸ‘πŸƒ

  • Keep plugging away Jay, no shame at all in repeating any runs.

    This is YOUR journey, you will find a way .

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx