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W1r3 so painful 😫

So today I did week 1 run 3 and was in absolute agony the whole way through with shin splints :( has anyone else had this? Guessing it's because I'm not used to running? I don't want to stop as I've just signed up to my first 5k bubble run on July for 2 hospice charities. Legs feel fine after just a bit achey could do with some advice what to do pretty please :)

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I would get checked out by the GP or a sports physio just to ensure you know for sure its shin splints. Otherwise rest & regular icing should help.

Probably not what you want to hear sorry but better to be safe & not end up hurting yourself longer term.

Also are your shoes giving you enough support?

Good luck & take care x


Same as Noaky12 says, best to see your GP and then get your gait checked at a running store to make sure your shoes are properly supporting you. I may be tempting fate here (crossing my fingers as I type) but I have had so problems so far (staring week 9 tomorrow) and I put this down to starting with the proper shoes as I had my gait analysed and got the correct shoes when I started a previous attemp to become a runner. With C25K and good shoes on my side I am loving it this time. Good luck!


Aww really :( gutted was hoping it was nothing in just getting into it aswell I think if I have to stop I'll find it so hard to start again. Got proper running shoes Nike Pegasus ones which are super comfy maybe it's just because I've never ever run before


Sorry to hear that Jess, first have a good rest, say a couple of days, and try again, VERY slowly, run just above brisk walking pace, NO MORE, sorry to shout, trying to emphasise. If it's pain again then as the other members have said, a gait analysis to make sure. I hope for you it's not true shin splints, as these have to be completely eradicated with rest which can take up to 2 months to fully recover, or they will keep coming back.. 😊


Are you doing the walk bits really fast? The only time I've had them was when trying to keep up to my colleagues brisk walk. Very painful.


It could just be muscle strain. If your legs aren't used to exercise, they will complain! Running uses different muscles than walking.

Also, make sure your laces are not too tight across your foot. They can restrict the blood flow and cause really intense pain up through your shins. (well, mine do anyway!) Next time you go for a run, make sure the laces are loose and if the pain recurs, loosen them even more and pull the sides of your shoes away from your feet. Remember, your feet will swell when they get hot.

Also, it may be that you are trying to run too fast. That will put extra strain on your legs. You really only need to jog very slowly, as slowly as a slow thing running on slow juice...

However, if you're still getting pain, as opposed to painful discomfort, stop, rest for a few days, do some strengthening exercises in the meantime then try again. If you still have the same problem, it may be something that needs investigating.

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