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Week 6 R1 & First Tarmac Run

Eeewwww! That run brought me down a peg. I don't know if it's just a comedown after finishing wk 5, but that was a right old slog.

Laura, you stitched me up like a kipper! :)

Anyway, before I started C25K, I was undecided whether to run on grass/trails at my nearby park, or stick to roads.

I've enjoyed running on grass, _but_ my feet always get absolutely soaked by dew. So today, to avoid trenchfoot, I had a crack at tarmac - it went well.

It's not better or worse than the grass- just different. And drier.

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Ditto that - same run today for me , chickened out and did the treadmill as the mizzle didn't inspire. Physically found it easier on the treadmill but omg those gremlins were working overtime - really wanted to stop soooo many times...kept doing what others have advised checking with the legs/ lungs etc that they were going ok and carried on. Was a grind - hopefully will get back outside for run 2 .😉


Congratulations (to you too Indizulu) - a lot of people struggle on this run. I think in the time between this run and w5d3 the 'rose coloured glasses' come along and we think 'yeah, I ran 20 minutes!' but forget how hard w5d3 actually was.

I am pretty sure that we have a lot of adrenalin and positive nerves on w5d3, because it is such a mammoth run. All of that disappears on w6d1 and you are back to 'a regular run' when in fact it is still really tricky.

At least that is what happened to me anyway ;-).

But, you did it! Congrats - it only gets better from here - and keep moving! :-).


Happened to most of us... :)

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I converted to pavement after week 2, never felt like I knew where my feet were going on grass and constantly worried I would turn an ankle plus the dog doo and wet.


... and harder under foot! Yep.. Week 6 can catch folk out..but you did it! Well done you :)

I prefer grass, even wet grass and mud... and generally anything rural, but I have had to do pavement/lane pounding, a fair bit,due to inclement weather... especially before I Graduated... the day I ended up ice skating instead of running was fun!!!!

Go you anyway, onwards and upwards...:)


I hated week 6 too but I take struggling with it as a positive.

I think it indicates that you no longer need the walking breaks and that the downside of losing your running rhythm now outweighs the positive of getting a rest.


I am so glad I found this post as I’ve just posted that I also struggled with wk 6 r2- I thought it was just me. Run 2 for me tomorrow so fingers crossed


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