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Week 6 R1

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Thank you to everyone for the advice on this one. I felt on top of the world having completed week 5, so may have set out a little faster on the first run on this one, but quickly remembered and got the pace under control. Almost at the end when Jo told me I had 60 seconds to go on the last run I stepped it up a bit just to see if I can run faster than a snail 🐌

Not sure I’d still be doing this without the amazing support from here though.

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You're right the support on here from other runners is brilliant I think there is a lot of us couldn't have done it without it good luck

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Well done ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great, well done E. Side by side, all the way! Are you on for 6:2 Monday?

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E27M14Graduate in reply to ktsok

Yep! Probably about 6pm I think. You go first and tell me how it goes?!

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ktsok in reply to E27M14

I will :)

Oooo interesting. I am doing that run tomorrow!

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ktsok in reply to Blueintheface

Keep it slow and steady! I got a bit overconfident and went too fast at the beginning, despite all the warnings and suffered more than necessary because of it.

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Blueintheface in reply to ktsok


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Great running through tricky intervals... learning how to deal with different runs is important for your long term progress and you reining the pace in when you realised you were going faster is a very good sign. Enjoy run 2

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