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I just keep going

I just keep going

So erm after my last run a couple of weeks ago there was some debate over whether or not I'd broken my foot. It was incredibly painful and clicking and I was in tears.

A hobble to the NHS walk in clinic wasn't very helpful - they didn't even actaully look at my foot because I was wearin tights (er they come off you know) anyway I go sent on my way with a flea in my ear because I was using a crutch and it was just a little ligament strain. Got told to walk normally and rice.

So a few days later still in horrendous pain having to take tramadol just to be able to hobble let alone attempt to walk normally I ended up a the minor injuries unit at my local community hospital. This time they actually looked at my foot and even xrayed it as they were concerned that I might have a stress fracture. Xray came back clear so back to ligament strain. Though of course fracture was still a possibility cause they don't always show up on X-rays.

But rest seems to have done the trick as I can now actually walk on it, so I figured it was time to get the trainers on.

I headed to the canal I picked the direction that I know is muddy (muddy means squishy so less impact) and I ran in half k intervals with walking and stopping, I did just over 2k.

How do I feel now? Er well foot is protesting, hurts but I think it's ok, just gonna take time to heal, so I will be sticking to baby steps running wise and combining that with plenty of resting. Oh and an upside of having raynauds is I don't have to ice my foot my body is doing a pretty good job of that for me.

So now I have an actual running related injury does that make me a really real runner, and not just a really real runner but a hardcore really real runner as I am back to running on it (gently)?

P.s please erm ignore spelling mistakes - for some reason it's hard to edit posts while on iPad and it's make even harder because I have in fact shattered the screen on my iPad :'(

P.p.s I have the date for my echocardiogram 1 December, the day before my birthday

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Real hardcore runner I'd say! Look after yourself, take it easy and let us know how the echocardiogram goes! x


Yay :D

I will let you know


Glad it's not broken spoonierun. I told ' help' people about problem editing on I pad . They are now working on a solution so fingers crossed they sort it out as it is frustrating


Well fingers crossed that they fix the problem.

Yes I'm glad it's not broken as well.


yep yep, real runner! And also because you run outside, I haven't got there yet.

My trainer suggested I start practicing for triathons (cos I'm swimmer mainly). Laugh? I nearly started.

But, surely a few days rest before running would be good?


Oooh I can't do that running inside thing, I think I'm allergic to treadmills lol

I am resting it plently only running on it limitedly while it's healing


Good to hear from you Spoonie and glad you are managing some running - but take it easy on that poor foot. Good luck with the ECG!


I'm being careful with my foot .... honest


Defiantly a bona fide hard core genuine runner!

Good luck with the echo - fascinating things.

:-) xx


I just hope they have the heating turned on lol


Absolutely - Bruce Willis Die Hard - Hardcore. Great that it wasn't a break. Just make sure you rest it enough that's when the mending happens. Good luck with the ECG and Happy Birthday!


oooh I like that definition of hardcore.

Plently of resting is occurring.


Hey Spoons. :-) Wait while you start making utterances like "my physio says....."! It sounds ligamenty; they can be troublesome and painful. I'm just coming back from three and a half weeks out due to ligament issues and physio visits. If you can, get yourself a physio, one that deals with runners. Rest, (sadly, though cross training should be okay) the rest of RICE and physio, if you can, and you'll be fine.

Sorry to hear about your iPad screen. I dropped a jar of peanut butter on my phone not so long ago, completely broke the thing. :-(

Hope you're well and that work's going nicely for you. :-) Good luck with the ECG!


Sadly can't afford any private treatment but I am no stranger to ligament injuries ive had a fair few. I am resting and taking it easy with the running, using a foot roller when I remember and stretching my foot. Tape is obviously being used (80s inspired pink and green combo at the mo to match my pink hair). I think I am up to digging out the rowing machine again.

Oh no your poor phone - I have a swanky new one arriving on Monday :)

I seem to be on the mend from a mega virus and work is going ok, my fancy chair and desk aids still havent been ordered so currently using disabled leave to have a break mid week.

Nice to hear from you again - hopefully I will be popping back up on garmin connect again soon. Hope your ligament issue is all resolved now and you are getting back to happy running


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