Freezing rain, sleet and snow... and I STILL went out and did W1 R2!

I never thought I'd ever write this but I found myself, yesterday, longing to pop out for a run and wondering if an extra one would really do all that much damage. Thankfully common sense kicked in so I snuggled with the kids instead but today, after doing all my errands, I got my arse out there and completed my second run.

Luckily, this morning, I was in town and picked up a waterproof jacket as it started raining harsh and cold. My legs felt a lot heavier today and my run felt like it had less bounce. Not sure if it was down to the conditions or my old, aching bones, but I soldiered on. The second run of the session I found really hard. To the point of thinking 'Lordy, I really don't think I can do this...' The fifth I found a stumper too, it just felt so hard - but I did it! I didn't skip any parts or skimp, I really went for it and dug deep. Again, a benefit of being stubborn!

I feel tired but good. I misjudged so I finished my 5 minute warm down a little too far from home but I made it home in one piece. Yay for unfit birds!


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8 Replies

  • Brilliant, well done :) I think we all get to the point where we realise why those crazy runners go out in all weathers :D And then we become one of them...

    Your username rings a bell, isn't a blessingway something to do with babies?

  • Well done Blessingway, once you get out in horrible conditions one time, you know you can do it again! I know what you mean about being stubborn; I have a real stubborn streak with running too and if someone is running towards me, I refuse to walk until I am past them!

  • Sounds like a tough one - but if you can do this one, you can do all the rest too! Maybe rephrase 'stubborn' to 'determined'! :)

  • Yay! Well done! :-)

  • Congratulations on getting out. Keep remembering about the rest days as they are important as your body adapts to the changing demands you are making of it.

  • Wow that's amazing getting out in such bad conditions.

  • I love it, after that first run there's no stopping you! Keep up the good work (but with rests too!)

  • Well done, I was on W2 R3 when the weather hit here last Friday. For me those first couple of runs are the toughest I've experienced so far so great job for sticking at it. You'll be glad you did it!!

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