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Couch to 5K
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W1 R2 completed!

Yes! I came back for more and completed my 2nd run/walk/breathless 1/2 hour😉 and I'm weirdly looking forward to the next one on Thursday!

Had to get up at 5am to do it too as had to be out and back before hubby went off to work as the kids still asleep.

My podcast stopped working again just before I had to start running (not sure why!)but Itried to put on the radio instead but then all l I got was static so I just timed myself using my phone instead doing my runs/walks. Will get hubby to check it later.

Can't quite believe I'm running, but I feel great that I'm doing it😁.

Good luck to all other week 1's! 👏

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I am deeply impressed that you got up a 5 a.m. to do it! I did wk2r1 yesterday and echo your 'can't quite believe...but...' statement.

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Blimey, I get up at 6am to get my runs in at the moment and that is just starting to pick up around my way! Bet it is lovely and tranquil at that time...

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