Tailrunning is so worth it when you get the best hug off a parkrunner :) Parkrun

Hi everyone, I'm sorry this is a day late, been pretty busy volunteering today and yesterday and then after parkrun yesterday I went and met up with my sister (not biologically my sister, as the saying goes family ain't always blood) and my nephew (my sister's son) and didn't get home until around 5/6pm and was pretty tired but I had a great time, me and my nephew had a full blown conversation again when I was holding him, sure he was telling me I looked weird and think he was telling me he likes his new vests lol, I had a great time and then today I went volunteering as tail runner (not to do with the title) at junior parkrun (as it would be inappropriate to hug a child that I don't know)

I woke up yesterday at 4:30 and couldn't sleep for a little bit longer so ended up getting up and hopped in the shower, got changed, made something different for my breakfast I had a banana which I chopped up, then put some yoghurt on top and some muesli, I thought I'd give it a try since it was only 59p for a large bag :) I made sure I had everything in my bag and then about 10minutes before leaving I forgot I hadn't put my barcode in my bag *phew* wipes sweat off my forehead when I put my barcode in my bag, then in 5 minutes left I double and triple checked I had my barcode yes in 5 minutes before I left I checked I'd just put my barcode in my bag,

I then leave the house at about 7 and manage to get to the bus stop by 7:30, I wait and listen to some les brown whilst I'm sat down, then the bus comes so I hop on it and get to parkrun by 8am, I stand there with other volunteers chatting and having a laugh trying not to yawn so much, I just can't help but yawn, it's down to the fatigue I suffer from but some people will get the wrong end of the stick if they see someone yawning at 9 in the morning so anyway we wait for the person to arrive that has the keys as it can be different run director's each week, they arrive and then we all get to work, I do my usual job of putting out all the cones around the track this week was slightly different I had 2 helpers, I had berny a fellow volunteer and parkrunner who has recently had surgery on his shoulder so he was volunteering yesterday til he was allowed to run again and Bill who was also volunteering because he had the manchester 10k today to run, so we all made a great team, I put out the 2 cones for the start as I was shown how to do it, I showed both Bill and Berny how to put the starting cones out but not sure if they heard me, then me and bill went and put the cones down to help direct runners off the track,

We finish off doing the cones and everything else has been completed, so we go and see if anything else needs to be done that has been forgot about but everything has been done and dusted so Bill and Berny get a lovely addition to make them more fashionable, more commonly known as the hi-vis jackets :) we stand around and chat, then I realise what time it is and I'm still wearing my thick coat so rush to where my bag was and I swapped my coat for my running coat and rush back without my running bottle oops, I then see the lad that I tail ran a few weeks back and I saw hi and I hope he's ok, he told me that he got another PB last week, told him he'll soon be too fast for me to keep up and I'll be asking him to slow down, and then he laughed, we listened to the briefing and then once the briefing was completed we all went to the start,

3,2,1 and then we are off, I start way too fast as I forgot to take off the pacer or at least change it from 7min/km to something slower like 8min/km, so by the time I come to the first hill I have to walk, I just think my head wasn't in it this week, not sure why because everyone is so great and I love going there, I then do a run/walk around the rest of the track, have some pictures took and even manage to do a star jump whilst attempting to run up a hill, it probably looked more like I was either like a strawberry or like I was falling backwards down the hill but yet wasn't thankfully :)

I then get on to the out and back which is basically what it says on the tin, you run up the last hill that you run down after getting off the track, then you turn left and you run up this path, run around some cones and then run back up the path you just ran down, to go back through the 2 gates you run through after the track and run back on the track, I even managed a sort of sprint finish, I didn't feel to good, started way to fast which next week I will learn to start off a bit slower,

Now on to why I titled this post the way I did, well I tail ran with this lovely guy a few weeks ago, I think you might remember me telling you about tail running with this guy it was his 2nd parkrun, well I remember his name is andy, so he spots me after he's finished and I congratulate him on another really good parkrun to which he thanks me and then gives me a hug, all the pain, the mental pain, all the worries, self-doubts, confidence and self-esteem issues etc, all went away in that one moment because I knew why I was doing what I was doing, I may not be the fastest, slimmest, tallest person but this is why I volunteer each week just to get that huge hug and a massive thank you from people like andy that you help around the course, chat to, don't make them feel like they are any different than the next person this is what parkrun is all about,

I couldn't care if I got a million medals for volunteering because I'd give them all up for a hug off a grateful parkrunner after a run like I got Andy yesterday, that is what I live for, I don't care about praise it's the small little things that make volunteering especially tail running worth while, the thank yous, the hugs, the 'I couldn't do it without you' but do you know what with that last bit, you can do it, you know you can do it, I have faith in you, but I know where they are coming from just to have someone with them so they aren't on their own, they have someone to chat to when things get hard during the parkrun or any run it makes it so much easier and that is why I love tail running, that is why I tail ran today at junior parkrun,

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, I hope you all have a great run or if you entered in to a race I hope your race went great, I hope you all have a great rest now that you have run in whether a parkrun or in a race, I hope everyone on the injury couch heals up soon, and you are back on your feet running again,

Take care,

Siobhan xx

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  • Brilliant post again Siobhan and I'm sure through your posts and volunteering work you similarly touch a lot of people's life's.

  • Thank you :)

    I enjoy volunteering because I get to help other people, after I wrote that run report for the parkrun page people kept coming up to me last saturday and saying how much they enjoyed the report, I didn't think anyone would read it as it was really long so was pleasently surprised and slightly shocked, parkrun really is a huge family :)

    Take care and enjoy the rest of the week,

    Siobhan x

  • another great post, you are a star!

  • Thank you :)

    I've always enjoyed helping other people, it makes my heart swell with pride when someone manages to do something they thought impossible, I can't help but be proud of each and everyone at parkrun for they all achieve something, whether that's shyness/anxiety, not being able to run the whole distance etc, for me it was severe social anxiety which I've overcome and now can even eat in front of people out and about without much problem :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Lovely post, Siobhan.. what an inspirational person you are!

    As you say, things can get you down sometimes... just try and remember;

    " Self-doubt, it the anchor, that stops the ship from sailing! "

    Go you.... and another BIG HUG x

  • Thank you :)

    I just feel like I help people realise what they can do instead of showing people what they can't do, the ability is right there inside of everyone but to have someone with you to help you get around the course when you thought you'd walk more than you did, I just see the joy in their face at their achievement and it fills my heart with joy, think that's why I'm never really fussed about getting PB's to help someone achieve something they didn't think they could is so much better than getting a PB any day :)

    Take care and BIG HUG back :)

    Siobhan x

  • Great post AW. You're absolutely right - seeing the difference you make for a person is the best reward. You're a gem for all of your volunteering.

  • Thank you :)

    That's so true it's the joy and happiness in people's faces after they cross the finish line, achieving something they may have thought impossible fills my heart with joy and happiness and is so much better than any PB any day :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • You're doing star jumps whilst running uphill?! I'm kind of in awe of that. But why are you doing that? Hills are bad enough without jumping up them!

    I've never thought about tail runners before reading this post and the last one you wrote about it. It is such a generous thing to do and great that you feel appreciated too :)

  • Thank you :)

    The volunteer dave with the camera asked for a star jump whilst I was going up the hill, I thought why not so stopped running and did the star jump then I carried on jogging up the hill whilst pretending it was flat and it was just a hallucination that it was a hill lol,

    I enjoy tail running because I've been in the situation where I have been running last at parkrun without a tail runner, it was actually my very first parkrun (i think) so then during my 2nd parkrun there was a woman who we are now friends called julie and there was no tail runner so didn't want to leave her behind so we ran together just chatting away,

    to help other people is what I live for, ever since I was quite young (about 3/4 I was more mature for my age) my nan would take me around to my grandma's house and help out on the weekend's at first I would just sit and chat to grandma make her laugh and smile but then after a while I would help feed her, make sure she could get her drink, clean up around the house, I just loved it not just because I was helping someone but because my nan was there by my side, I started helping grandma (I should say she was just a friend of the family but growing up I was taught to call people by grandma/aunty/uncle out of respect) until shortly before she passed away when I was 6, sorry for the waffle,

    Take care and hope you enjoy the rest of the week,

    Siobhan x

  • Hi Siophan,

    Thanks for your post..some days we just need a good old hug and that grateful runner gave you a big squeeze at the perfect time, here's another ((( ))) ๐Ÿ˜Š

    I hope this week has been better than last week for you...although I think you went out on a high, after I read your post about achieving a fantastic PB with the running club. Well done ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    Btw is it your 50th Park run next week and do you think you'll run it or be a tail runner?

    Have a great week yourself, enjoy your running and be gentle on yourself ... I wouldn't be surprised if you get a few more hugs on your 50th PR


  • Thank you :)

    (((BIG HUGS))) to you to :)

    The week did end of a really big high with the PB at the running club, and last night I went to my first gymnastics class with my new club since my old club clashed with my running club on tuesdays so it was either gymnastics or running and well running won by a long shot but glad I found a new club that trains on a monday so that's made me happy plus it's for an hour and a half for the same price I was paying at my old club but just for an hour :)

    I'm going to write up a short post in a few minutes about my 50th parkrun that is going to be on the 11th june :)

    Take care and hope you have a great week as well,

    Siobhan x

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