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W6 R1 Fail

Well I took my shiney new shoes out yesterday for their test run. (Thank you all for your comments and approval of them in my last post.)

For the last couple of weeks I have had problems with my foot so hadn't been out for a week. I was hoping I'd had enough rest and being very impatience to be out there again I ignored the little doubts and the voices in my head that told me I wasn't quite ready.

I managed the first run of 5 minutes however admitted defeat at the end of the 8 minute run. So...... this morning I had a stern chat with myself and have decided to go swimming in place of running until all is well. At least that way I will still be exercising and hopefully will continue to build stamina.

I will be back running when fixed (I have to after paying out for new shoes).

Does anyone know how long I can rest without having to go back to the start of the programme?

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That depends on what's wrong with your foot. You were a bit vague. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about and you can get back on it soonest

Fingers crossed!

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Thanks misswobble.

I'm a vague sort of person 😊 and so are the niggles/pain in my foot. I realise it's impossible for anyone to say how long I should rest, I just wondered how long I can be off running before I have to go back to W1. I really don't want to do that.

Perhaps I shouldn't worry about that at this stage and just think positive.


1st off , will have to get filter applied so the F word cannot be used here.

The fact is you had to finish early because of an niggle or injury, perfectly normal and the right thing to do, yes it is frustrating.

You don't say what the problem is so maybe worth exploring what the cause is and do some stretching or exercises to help and strengthen.

A week or two out shouldn't be a problem as you are also swimming .

Hope you recover soon and the problem goes and stays away

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Thanks Rob. I've put £1 in the swear box!

Will be doing some online research for exercise to help and try to gain a tad more patience too.

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Argh, how annoying for you. I have had a lot of problems with my feet in the past and can recommend a visit to a podiatrist for an expert opinion and hopefully a solution.

I think doing swimming, cycling etc is a good way to keep your fitness up for the time-being.

Keep us posted on how you are getting on.


Thank you for recommending a visit to a podiatrist. I had been toying with the idea myself.

I've never been interested in 'foot health' before, if it wasn't for the fact I am now hooked on running I would just put up with the discomfort until it either disappeared or got a lot worse.

I've just googled and found a clinic not far from me, a visit could be on the cards soon!

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I think our feet are so important, they work so hard and we rely on them a lot, so think it is worth looking after them.

Something as simple as orthotics or a series of exercises, might just do the trick - fingers crossed!


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