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Farewell to week 4

So, despite dodgy feet, driving rain (Wednesday) and a slight hangover (today), it's been a pretty good week run wise. Managed to complete all the runs in wk4 without too much huffage and puffage, so now it is on to "The Infamous wk5".

Best of all I discovered this fun online community where c25k runners support each other, swap stories and experiences and generally just chew the fat.

I'll see if I can find a link for it ;P

PS - it also generates highly amusing tags

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LOL at the auto-tags on your recent posts!

I did Wk5 r1 today.

I'd just started the first run, feeling good, slow & steady, when a gent, clearly in his 70's, came flying past me like a gazelle, before disappearing over the horizon. At 5 am. I'm starting to think that running is awesome.


I think I have seen that guy! By 8am he had made it to the South Coast. I am beginning to think that running is awesome as well!

Good luck with the rest of week 5 and please to let us know how you get on with day 3.


Ooh we're at the same stage. I did 4-3 yesterday..... Fairly dreading wk 5 but going to go for it anyhow. I'm south coast too..... ,! Well done us!!

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Great Lalee! Go da Southern Gals!

Good to find people who are at the same stage so we can compare notes. I am actually looking forward to the first 20 min run at the end of next week. It takes me a while to get into my "stride" (well, waddle) and I always feel like I am just getting comfortable when Laura says "slow down to a walk". I may be regretting those words by next Friday lol.


Well done , week 5 is a pushover, you will do it no problem 😊


Week 5 starts tomorrow for me! My week 4 runs weren't great so I'm feeling slightly apprehensive about week 5. However I read a post in the last couple of days that said weeks 4-6 were the 'meat and potatoes' of the programme and for some weird reason that encourages me. cathalicious I enjoyed your post about the conga team! Just a few sheep and a small sewage plant in my area of rural Oxfordshire!


Yay ! Well done Cath !

You've got this , onwards to Week 5 ! :-) xxx


You're getting close, Cathalicious. You are doing so well and week 5 will be under your belt before you know it. You are READY!


LOL, the tags are hilarious!

Well done on the reduction in huffing and puffing - amazing how our bodies adapt.

Enjoy week 5 - it is a marvellous week!

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Thanks for the encouraging words. You guys rock x


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