W8R2 + Almost W8R3 + Parkrun Intentions

Hi everyone, just checking in. I was attempting run 3 on tuesday but had to abort the mission as I was getting some pains that I didnt like the sound of. I did get 25 minutes done, I was intending to get 10K by going back so as it was ended up walking about 4k back home.

I did run 2 the day before (on monday) on a treadmill and got a new pb for 5k so I am pretty happy.

I dont think I have been eating enough recently, even though my weight has been through a plateau hopefully that is starting to go down now. Anyway I am currently umming and ahhing as to wheather to do my hour on the crosstrainer.

My plan is to wake up on time for the parkrun this saturday and get a new pb for a 5k so that means no running tomorrow. Anyway, Im having a takeaway tonight, a burrito and its always good, hopefully if things go well I will make a post tomorrow, theres a certain milestone I'm getting close to. I wont tell you what it is, It will be a surprise, one of those boring surprises that don't matter but nevertheless. Assuming you've made it this far in the post.

The things and the order of them do make sense in my head but that's probably as far as it makes sense :p

Hope everyone is doing well!!


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10 Replies

  • good to hear from you ! Won't nag you about doing too much!!! But hope you do your parkrun and I get to re run it with you when you write up your report! Enjoy your burrito and have a nice rest day tomorrow!

  • Thankyou! I probably am doing too much, im noticing it in my mood and energy during the day. Tomorrow is going to be pretty bad anyway so it will be a good idea to just relax, maybe walk into the city but thats it. I will realy try and make it on Saturday and write up but as you can tell im not the best at writing :)

  • your writing is fine and I like your enthusiasm, I just worry that there is a negative consequence to when you might overdo it , but I think you know that yourself and you'll always get (hopefully) supportive comments on here when its great and when its not. Will be watching for your parkrun post if you make it !

  • Thankyou! I will keep it in mind and I understand you are right. Setting my alarm now for saturday! Ive been wearing my barcode since it came about 2 weeks ago, would be just like me to forget it :) This must be the most supportive community on the internet!

  • I think so too 😊 and keep that barcode on!

  • Sometimes, runs just decide themselves, if that makes sense...?Challenges are fine.as long as they don't control you.

    Maybe, just maybe, too far, too fast, too soon... especially if your body and mind are giving you warning signals?

    I,like you. have milestones, but I try not too focus too hard on them...my way is to let them emerge and hopefully I pass them. For me it was a magic 7K... and after I passed that milestone, my distance has crept upwards, without me trying... :)

    The danger with folk like me, saying, pull back a little, seems like sour grapes or as my lovely friend davelinks says, nagging...but it's worth thinking about?

    You writing is fine... it really gives an indication of what path your running journey is on :)

    Good luck on your Park run... but remember to enjoy the journey?

    " Fast enough to get there. slow enough to see."

  • Hi, Just trying to understand your post!😵 what pains? Leg pains? Why are you trying to do 10k on c25k? Yes! sounds like your trying to do too much too soon. And I don't care if it sounds like nagging!😀

  • Sorry about the post :) The pains were in my ankle and knee, I've experienced the IC before on both counts (used to run a few years ago) so (hopefully) know what to look out for pain threshold wise and that its much better to just stop running and walk instead. Also I knew I was pushing it a bit after the previous day so not too worried about getting new shoes or anything.

    As for the 10K im not sure what it is about, I did manage a very slow one after (combined with) the w8 r1, I was planning on walking back down the river I ran down but because Id read about HR training zones thought I would just try go very slow as long as I was enjoying it. So I'm not sure I'd call it a 10K as I was pretty slow. I really don't know.. Sorry!! I'm an idiot :P !

  • No you're not an idiot! It just seems a bit much if you're already doing 10k on the c25k programme. Most people don't get to 5k on the programme, you haven't finished yet and are already doing double that! So maybe take a step back, stick to the programme, take your rest days - but enjoy your Parkrun! You know about injuries and they'll definitely come along if you overdo it! Good luck - and above all, ENJOY!

  • Good luck with the park run.... and with the milestone.... ( exciting and intriguing... :)

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