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First park run for me and for Greenock!


After the high of graduating on Tuesday, I tried the Stepping Stone podcast on Thursday and found it hard going. It was sunny and hot (in Scotland 18C qualifies as hot!) and having no natural rhythm I couldn't get with the beats per minute thing at all. Started off too fast, got dispirited - face all swollen and sweaty didn't help, and ended up having to slow down to a walk 7 times. Kept going though, as a bad run is better than no run!

So today, was delighted that the forecast sunshine hadn't appeared, and that it was dull and overcast with a bit of rain. Phew! My perfect running weather. :)

As it was the very first Greenock Park Run I suspect there were more people there than will be usually, or at least more experienced runners as there were a lot from clubs and with ParkRun tee shirts who had come along to support this new venture.

Haven't got my official time through yet, but according to my Garmin I did the 5K in just under 31 minutes. It's a flat route along the esplanade, next to the sea, with only a slight rise at the far end, which we looped round twice. I did notice that there were a few people who started off pretty fast, then ended up puffed out and walking. I started off a bit faster than usual, but then got into my usual pace and just kept on going.

First run without Laura as well. I felt quite emotional about doing this - having never been sporty, ever, and having never done anything like this before.

It was great! I loved it, and feel much better than I did after Thursday's pretty horrible run.

Many thanks to all the people and volunteers who make park run happen. I'll be signing up as a volunteer too. :)

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Congratulations from Glasgow! Thursday was glorious! Yesterday not bad either. Today? Back to normal.

Is it really that late already? I am still in my pajamas, sipping coffee! Better get out and run!


That sounds like a great run, and you graduated earlier! Congrats :-)


My official time was 31:08, and I was 93rd out of 110 runners. Got quite excited to learn that I was 4th in my age group - 4th sounds much more glam than 93rd. Yes, I was 4th, out of 4! :D

All good, and looking forward to next week's park run. :)


Great time and well done. I'm going to have to try this Parkrunning now!


And congratulations from Edinburgh ! That's an amazing time - I can only dream of being so fast You prob find park run becomes part of weekend routine now I did my 20 th P run this morning and just won't miss if at all possible


Thanks, all of you! :)

Yes, I can definitely see park run being a regular feature of my life, and I've already emailed to volunteer as a helper.

If it hadn't been for this blog and what I'd already read here about park run, I wouldn't have attempted it.

Oh, this running business is so addictive and my fellow addicts are such lovely people! :D

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