New girl on the block!

Ha! I actually laughed out loud at the audacity with which I call myself a girl! I'm mid-40s and a mum of a 2 1/2 year old gorgeous bundle of energy! As she's getting more and more active I've been finding it harder to keep up. I work shifts (2 x 12 hour shifts a week - days & nights) in the local maternity unit and am very easily tempted by the chocolates, cakes and biscuits left by our grateful parents. This has led to me weighing the most I ever have (even more than when I was 9 months pregnant) and being seriously unfit.

Add to that the fact that I've just been told there's a family history of high blood pressure, and I find myself signing up for gym membership then the C25k!

I started the programme this week and have just completed my second run. It was after a leg-intensive pilates class, so I'm feeling a bit heavy-legged, but still feel very good nonetheless.

I browsed through the forum last night but don't see anyone else who's doing this programme on the treadmill. I hope you don't all talk about me behind my back as a "pretender" who's just not putting in the same amount of effort!! I've chosen to start in the gym with a pal so we can combine classes with the running programme. Our intention is to hit the streets when we can run for 30 minutes. We live by the beach, so the incentive's there.

So anyway, that's enough rabbitting on from me! Just wanted to say hello!


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  • Hi Susu,

    Well done for starting on your C25K journey. It'll be fun with your pal as you will keep each other motivated. Don't spend all your time in the gym - the weather is so lovely now - enjoy the sunshine while we've got it ;) Plus you live by the seaside (so envious) - where's better than to run by the sea....

  • Hello and good luck with the program i was really unfit when i started it but it really works and i think quite a few on here run it on a treadmill.

  • AWESOME!! I am 41 and have a 11,4&2 yr old boys:) I also have 40 lbs that I have been struggling to get rid of!:/

    I started and am still on the treadmill. I even repeated a couple of weeks because I didn't feel able to move on to the next week.

    I've just realized my ignorance with training on a treadmill. 1. It doesn't slow down unless I slow it down. So I need to adjust the speed as I tire. 2. To start of slow and then build speed as I get stronger.

    I am starting week nine next week and after that I will move the runs outside to adjust for a 5k I signed up for in June!! NEVER THOUGHT AT 40 I WOULD BE DOING THAT!

    You are not alone with this! Good luck to you and look forward to seeing your journey!:)

  • Hello! m 45 and work 12.5 hr shifts, and I know what you mean about tempting goodies on the maternity ward. I'm just trying to work out when I'm going to run next week as on long days mon, tue, wed. Might have to get up early. Urghh. I don't think it matters how any of us do it, whatever works for each individual. Good luck on your journey x

  • Crikey, there's no way I could get up and run before work! I'm up at 5.50am & home at 8.30pm (if I'm lucky) as it is. I need my sleeeeeep!! It's difficult with shifts, specially as my husband is also covering shifts at work for a few months (7-7) so it's proving challenging to find the time. I'm not in a rush, though, I'll repeat weeks if I don't get three runs in a week. I figure that even if I only run once in a week it's once more than I ran even two weeks ago!

    After some VERY generous parents left the maternity department a MASSIVE crate of biscuits (seriously, there must've been 100 packets of biscuits in there!), I have learned that if I pretend they're not there I won't have any. If I have one biscuit I'll have ten! It's hard though, specially on night shifts, eh!

    One day at a time, though. One day at a time...

  • Yep like you say one day at a time. I'm lucky I live about 20 minutes from where I work and start at 8 so I could get up a bit earlier but I love my bed SO MUCH. But then I'm loving running too.

  • Hello susu1871 . There's loads of treadmill users on here, you'll fit right in. Great to hear that you're feeling good after your runs- it seems to be addictive- I never thought I'd be saying that a month ago! Good luck.

  • Yep I'm still on the treadmill w3r3 next and like you I am keen to be able to run for more than the 3 minutes I still am. Also, vainly, I think I look too much like I'm dabbling at the moment, but feeling stronger. I think it's still better than staying on the couch!! Best of luck.

  • Hi and welcome susu1871 โ˜บ the program can be done inside or out, there are advocates for both, the main thing is you are doing something very positive ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Doing or with a friend is a great way to stay motivated and to keep each other going, the program works so takeveach run as it comes, don't look to far ahead and run slow and steady ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Don't leave it to long to samplevtgecdelughts of running outside, should say it does feel very different .

    Good luck and enjoy the journey โ˜บ

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